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A winning resume is just that. It wins you the opportunity to impress at interview and get the job. If your resume is not bringing you the success you deserve, chances are something is not quite right.

Here our Job Squad Manager, shares her 8 top tips for resume success!

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Heard the saying first impressions count?  Of course you have and never is this truer than when job hunting. Your resume is your first impression and if it tells them you are sloppy, use bad grammar and have poor spelling you’ll have no chance of making the shortlist.

Know who you are, what you can offer and tell them about it

List all your workplace experience and your related achievements. Be proud of what you’ve done and don’t be shy to ‘blow your own trumpet’. No one else will do it for you. Keep the descriptions clear and concise and watch out for jargon. Use language such as I increased sales or I reduced processing times by 45%” to grab the attention of the reader.

Always put a positive spin on your language 

The language you choose matters. Be positive and use active descriptions, not passive. For example I did instead of I was part of, and I managed instead of I was asked to manage.

Don’t take the cookie cutter approach

Make sure you use a cover letter but not just any cover letter. If your cover letter is clearly part of a bulk email job search campaign it will create the wrong impression. If you can’t take the time to personalise your cover letter what does that say about the effort you will make in the job?

Fill in the employment gaps

If there is a two year gap in your work history while you explored the far reaches of Patagonia, tell them about it. Don’t be concerned if your career gap is less glamorous. Domestic engineers (translation: mothers) make excellent employees and know as much as any executive on how to multi-task and prioritise.

Oops, you've reached the wrong number

It seems obvious right? You’d be surprised how many resumes are sent out with the wrong email address and/or wrong mobile telephone number. Check and double check your contact information so they know how to reach you.

Meeting the selection criteria

Are you actually qualified to do the job? Do you need to hold a particular qualification that is essentially the ‘price of entry’ for the job? In this digital age, you can apply for a job on the click of a mouse. Don’t waste your time, and that of the recipient. Do your research and make sure that when you apply for a job you have the right to do so. If in doubt of which qualifications suit a certain career path have a chat with one of our Course Advisers.

Go on, get out there!

Now you’re ready, get out amongst the action. Don’t limit your job search to just the big job boards, consider localised sites such as Gumtree to hear the word on the street in your local area.

After ensuring you have the eight essentials covered, you can rest easy knowing you are putting your best foot forward for any job.

For more help, checkout our amazing online courses including How to Write a Resume. 

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