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Embarking on a career as a vet assistant is an exciting path, especially if you're passionate about animal health care. But let's face it, figuring out how to fund your education can be a bit of a headache. 

If you’re weighing up your options between online and traditional study, you might be wondering which option makes the most sense financially. The good news is opting for an online vet assistant course not only opens the door to your dream job but also comes with some serious financial benefits. 

Let's dive into why studying online could be the smartest move for your career (and your wallet).

Studying a Vet Assistant Course Online Means… 

  • No Commuting Costs: Save money by studying from home without needing daily travel.
  • Digital Resources: Access course materials online, eliminating the need for expensive textbooks.
  • Work-Study Balance: Continue earning income while studying thanks to flexible online schedules.
  • Diverse Courses: Choose a program that fits your budget and career aspirations.
  • Payment Plans Available: Manage your finances better with flexible payment options.

Say Goodbye to Commuting Costs

One of the first savings you'll notice when choosing an online course is the lack of commuting costs. No more spending on petrol, public transport, or those expensive coffees grabbed on the go. Studying from the comfort of your home means you can keep that cash right where it belongs – in your pocket.

Textbooks? What Textbooks?

Remember the days of lugging around heavy textbooks and parting with a small fortune to buy them? Online courses often utilise digital resources, which can significantly cut down or even eliminate the need for traditional textbooks. Plus, all your course materials are accessible anytime (and in some cases, for a lifetime), making online study not just cheaper but also super convenient.

Flexible Work-Study Balance

Online learning offers the flexibility to balance your studies with a part-time or even full-time job. This means you can keep earning while you're learning, making it easier to manage your finances without pausing your income.

Choose the Right Course for Your Budget 

One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to education. Online courses offer a range of options, from full larger courses (like a Veterinary Assistant & Animal Welfare Course) to micro-credentials (like Essential Animal First Aid) allowing you to choose a path that fits your budget and career goals. Plus, with the option to study at your own pace, you can spread the cost over time, making it easier on your wallet.

Payment Plans to the Rescue

Worried about the upfront cost of your course? Many online providers, including Online Courses Australia, offer flexible payment plans. You can start studying for as little as $25 per week. This means you can break down the cost into manageable chunks, making your education expenses predictable and stress-free.

Why it Makes Financial Sense to Study Online 

Choosing an online vet assistant course is not just a step towards a fulfilling career in animal care; it's also a financially savvy decision. With savings on commuting, textbooks, and the ability to work while you study, online education proves to be a budget-friendly option. Plus, with flexible payment plans, the dream of becoming a vet assistant is more accessible than ever.

Enrol in OCA’s Online Vet Assistant Course Today 

So, if you're looking to dive into the veterinary field without diving into debt, an online vet assistant course could be the perfect fit. 

Ready to start your journey with minimal financial stress? Online Courses Australia is here to make it happen. 

With our comprehensive, flexible online vet assistant courses, you're not just investing in your education; you're investing in a brighter, financially savvy future in a career you'll love.

Enrol in our popular Veterinary Assistance micro-credential today. 


Can you do a veterinary course online?

Yes! Online courses are a fantastic way to dive into the world of veterinary care. Whether you're aiming to become a vet assistant or just want to expand your knowledge, there's likely an online course that fits the bill. It's a great way to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.

How long does it take to become a vet assistant in Australia?

Not as long as you think! Depending on the course you choose, you could be on your way to becoming a vet assistant in just a few months to a year. The beauty of online courses is that you can often set your own pace, making it quicker to get qualified and start your dream job.

How much does a veterinary assistant make in Australia?

$25 and $30 per hour. Of course, this can vary based on where you work, and your experience.

What is the difference between a vet assistant and a vet nurse?

Roles, responsibilities & training. Vet assistants help out with a bit of everything – from reception duties to basic animal care. Vet nurses, on the other hand, have more in-depth medical responsibilities, like assisting with surgeries, administering medications, and performing diagnostic tests. Vet nurses typically require more specialised training compared to vet assistants.

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