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As will become clear to you early on in any eyelash extension-related beauty course you take, the shape of a person’s eyes is about as unique to them as their fingerprints. That means that when approaching clients looking for eyelash extensions, you have to choose the right type to suit them. Get it wrong, and you’re not going to achieve the desired results. 

So, that’s what we seek to address here to give you a clearer idea of what you’ll have to deal with when you get into the job. We’ll cover how beauty courses from OCA can give you the skills you need to enter the industry shortly, but not before we give you those juicy tips. 

So, let’s get started on those eye shapes.

Shape: Deep-set Eyes:

Deep-set eyes require that the lashes are applied to bring them out, and you’ll achieve that by offering lots of lengths right the way across the eyeliner. Also, when the largest lashes are placed at the centre, it offers the illusion of more open, brighter eyes. 

Shape: Protruding Eyes:

Online Beauty courses teach us that protruding eyes already attract attention, being so bold. So, the lashes you apply need to soften this look, meaning you should add straighter, shorter extensions for your client. 

Shape: Wide-set Eyes:

When a customer has a gap between the eyes bigger than the width of an eye, they have wide-set eyes. The ideal lashes, in this case, are longer, and you’ll need to fan them out in all directions to provide balance to the face.

Shape: Almond-shaped Eyes:

The best example of almond-shaped eyes are those owned by the lovely Kim Kardashian, and they’re characterised by a slim profile coming to a sharp point at each end. On this occasion, you’ll want to avoid longer lashes, with even shorter ones in the eye’s corners.

Shape: Rounded Eyes:

Customers whose eyes are as wide as they are round will have an alert appearance where they always seem a little shocked. Beauty courses state that you’ll create a more almond-like shape with softer curls and longer lashes at the edges to counteract this.

Shape: Down-turned Eyes:

Occasionally, you’ll come across a client with a down-turned eye shape that can make them seem weary or unhappy when they’re not. The best way to change this look is to aim for a more feline appearance, with longer, tapered inner lashes. 

Train to Be a Lash Technician Affordable & At Your Own Pace!

So, as you can see, there are quite a few things that you’ll need to master to become a professional lash technician, but don’t worry, as everything you need to know is available through flexible online courses like our Eyelash Extension Advanced Course that even comes with its lash technician kit!

So, if you’d like to know more about this or any of the CPD-approved professional training that's been created in conjunction with leading industry experts, visit us today at There you’ll also find various flexible payment options to help you spread the cost out. 

However, if it’s the guidance you need, we’ll be happy to work with you to identify your ideal online training course by calling us on 1300 611 404. 

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