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Whether you're sporting some fabulous eyelash extensions yourself or you're looking after your clients' lashes, proper care is key. Maintaining those extensions isn't just about keeping up appearances; it's also crucial for hygiene and longevity. 

Don’t stress if you're not a lash care expert yet—there's plenty of info and online beauty courses available to get you sorted. But for some helpful info on taking care of your eyelash extensions right here and now, read on for some essential tips to ensure those lashes stay beautiful and last as long as possible. 

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How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Tip #1 - Try Not to Sleep On Your Lashes

If you're someone who loves sleeping on your stomach, we've got a bit of a challenge for you. Resting face-down is a big no-no when it comes to lash extensions. Why? Your beautiful lashes can end up going every which way but the right way! To avoid waking up to a messy lash situation, try switching to sleeping on your back or side. It might take some getting used to, but your lashes (and your face) will thank you in the morning.

Tip #2 - Wash Those Eyelashes Every Day

This might sound like a no-brainer, but cleaning your lashes daily is super important. Just like the rest of your face, your lashes can get dirty. Makeup, natural oils, and environmental dirt can build up and weaken the glue holding your extensions in place. Plus, there's the creepy reality of eyelash mites (they're more common than you think). A gentle, oil-free cleanser and a soft brush can work wonders in keeping your extensions clean and intact.

Tip #3 - Keep Moisture Away For 24 Hours

Here's a slightly tricky part: for the first 24 hours after getting your extensions, you need to keep them as dry as possible. Yes, we just talked about keeping them clean, but hold off on any water action initially. This means avoiding steamy showers (you can shower, just don’t have it too hot and don’t put your face in the water), intense workouts, and even cooking over steamy pots. The glue needs this time to set properly. After that, you're all clear to wash them as per usual – just be gentle!

Tip #4 - Do Your Best Not to Rub Your Lashes

Many of us rub our eyes out of habit, especially when tired or stressed. But with eyelash extensions, this habit could end your lash game early. Rubbing not only risks pulling out the extensions but also can transfer oils and dirt from your hands, breaking down the adhesive quicker. If you find your eyes are irritated, try gently patting them or using eye drops instead of rubbing.

Tip #5 - Stay Away From Sources of Extreme Heat

Here’s something not everyone thinks about: heat can be disastrous for your lash extensions. Direct heat can cause the synthetic fibres to warp or melt, ruining their shape and look. So, when you’re around ovens, stoves, or even lighting a candle, be mindful of your lashes. It's better to keep a safe distance than to ruin your beautiful extensions.

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Elevate Your Lash Game with Online Lash Courses

Want to know more about taking good care of lash extensions, applying them like a pro, or even becoming a lash technician? 

Online lash courses are a fantastic way to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience from the comfort of your home.

These courses cover everything from basic application techniques to advanced styling and care tips to make your fake lashes last even longer.

Find out more about Online Courses Australia’s popular Eyelash Extension Course Bundle and start your journey to become a lash pro.

Eyelash Extension FAQs

Why do my eyelash extensions only last a week? 

Your eyelash extensions might be falling out quickly due to a few reasons: not following proper aftercare, exposure to oil-based products, frequent rubbing or touching of the eyes, incorrect application, or natural lash shedding. To extend their lifespan, ensure you're following the recommended aftercare routine, using oil-free products, avoiding rubbing your eyes, and getting refills from a reputable technician. Also, remember that individual lash growth cycles can affect the longevity of your extensions.

Can I use mascara with my eyelash extensions?

While it's best to avoid mascara to maintain the integrity of your extensions, if you must, opt for a water-based formula and apply it only to the tips.

How do I choose the right cleanser for my extensions?

Look for a gentle, oil-free cleanser specifically designed for eyelash extensions. Avoid anything with glycols, PEGs, or carbonates as they can weaken the glue.

What should I do if my eyelash extensions start falling out?

Some fallout is normal due to the natural lash cycle. However, if you notice excessive shedding, contact your lash technician for advice. It could be a sign that your aftercare routine needs adjusting.

How can I extend the life of my lash extensions?

Aside from the care tips mentioned above, try to minimise the touch and interaction with your lashes. Also, regular refills every 2-4 weeks can help maintain their fullness and beauty.

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