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When you’re seriously intent on a career change, it can be tough to know how to get started. This is where career transition coaching comes in really helpful, as you get an expert hand, guiding you to the right industry, relevant online training, CV writing, interview techniques and a whole lot more. 

What are career coaching services? 

Career transition coaching typically forms part of an overall career coaching service, and it’s provided to people wanting help navigating their path to a new industry or role in their current sector.

Their sole purpose is to help you enjoy a smooth journey to your new professional position, using their expertise, experience and contacts. When you have one in your corner, you can expect to work smarter to reach your goal faster.

Are career coaches really worth the investment? 

Overall, we’d say absolutely. It does depend on how much you’re paying. Still, many are available for a reasonable one-off or monthly cost, and they do offer a welcome boost to your professional and personal development plan. Here are a few examples for you to consider:

We’d recommend doing some of your online research into career transition coaching, as you may find a better option. This is just an illustration to show the wealth of choice.

A Variety of Advantages of Offer

When you have a good career coach working alongside you, they’ll help you articulate your value to potential employers and develop an effective strategy for realising your ambitions. At this point, if you’re still unsure whether using one is for you, here are some advantages.

  • They can get you there faster - as you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls that so many of your peers fall into. Thanks to the tips they provide, you'll become more employable, meaning you’ll get the career change results you’re looking for faster.
  • You’ll get a vision of the future - the trouble for many people wanting to switch jobs is not having a long-term strategy to work by. With a career transition coach, however, you’ll not be one of them; they'll work closely with you to create a vision of your potential future.
  • Lots of CV expertise - a CV is a vital part of the recruitment process, so it matters how well it’s put together. A good career coach will usually have lots of expertise in this area, so they’ll ensure yours sticks out for all the right reasons!
  • Helping you set goals - a career change can involve a long journey that requires it to be broken down into smaller attainable goals. This roadmap is crucial for tracking your progress, and you’ll continuously review things to make sure you stay on course.

The Easy Way to Learn New Professional Skills 

The reasons to work with a coach when attempting a career change  are compelling, so it’s certainly something to consider. Something else that can help greatly is CPD-Endorsed short career counselling courses online  from OCA that are video-based for easy digestion and come with one-to-one mentoring, 7 days a week.

Our professional training offers an immersive and mentally stimulating experience and covers more than 20 different sectors. To find out more about what it’s like to learn with us, why not take a look at our student study demo or visit us today at There you’ll find details of our flexible payment options that allow you to spread out the cost. 

However, if you’d prefer to get in touch directly, call us on 1300 611 404 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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