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Have you ever dreamed of working with animals but weren't sure where to start? Maybe you're looking for a career change that brings more joy and fulfilment into your life. Whether you're a recent high school graduate, a professional contemplating a career change or someone looking to follow a long-time passion for animals, the career options are endless. 

Here are the 9 best jobs that work with animals that allow you to turn your love for animals into a daily job.

1. Vet Nurse

What You Do: You'll be assisting veterinarians during procedures, administering medications, and providing post-operative care to animals. It's a hands-on role requiring close attention to detail.
Study Options: Consider studying vet nursing courses in animal first aid to start your vet nursing career.

2. Veterinarian

What You Do: In this role, you'll diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases in various types of animals, from household pets to livestock and exotic creatures.
Study Options: If you’re already a vet nurse, you can easily transition to a more formal study pathway to become a veterinarian.

3. Animal Welfare Officer

What You Do: You'll be inspecting facilities where animals are kept, investigating complaints about animal welfare, and working to protect animals from neglect and abuse.
Study OptionsAnimal welfare courses covering laws or field training in animal care are worth looking into.

4. Farm Hand

What You Do: As a farm hand, you'll assist in the day-to-day tasks on a farm, including feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the health of animals.
Study Options: Practical, hands-on courses in livestock management or sustainable farming practices can be beneficial. An animal disease course is also a great starting point. 

5. Pet Sitter/Walker

What You Do: Your job involves taking care of pets while their owners are away, which includes feeding, walking, and basic grooming.
Study Options: Undertake essential first aid for animals to make sure customers are confident in your animal care abilities.

6. Animal Groomer

What You Do: You'll be responsible for washing, cutting, and styling the fur of cats and dogs, helping them look their best.
Study Options: Short courses in pet grooming techniques or specialised workshops can hone your skills.

7. Kennel Assistant

What You Do: Your tasks include feeding, cleaning, and providing basic care to animals staying in boarding kennels.
Study Options: Consider online kennel management courses, animal welfare courses or short courses in animal behaviour to advance your career.

8. Animal Conservationist

What You Do: You'll work on conservation projects aimed at protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats.
Study Options: Short courses in conservation practices or wildlife tracking can be extremely helpful.

9. Horse Trainer

What You Do: Your primary role is to train horses for specific activities, such as racing, dressage, or trail riding.
Study Options: Practical courses in horse behaviour and training techniques, or equine care workshops, are useful study options.

OCA’s Animal Care Courses in Detail

Course Name Value Main Focus Topics Approx. Study Hours  
Explore Vet Nursing Career Sampler $399 Introduction to a vet nursing career 60 hrs Free info pack download 
Veterinary Assistant & Animal Welfare Course $1299 The most comprehensive course for a career in vet nursing, animal care and welfare 360 hrs Free info pack download
Animal Health Care $899 Routine and emergency care for animals 120  hrs Free info pack download
Animal Diseases $899 Identifying and treating common animal diseases 90 hrs Free info pack download
Animal Welfare $899 Managing and complying with animal welfare needs 100 hrs Free info pack download
Essential Animal First Aid $899 Basic first aid techniques for animals 50 hrs Free info pack download
Animal Conservation $899 Theory and practical elements of animal care for animal health industry professionals and animal owners. 100 hrs Free info pack download 

What are the most in-demand jobs that involve working with animals?

The demand can vary depending on the region and specialisation. However, generally speaking, Veterinarians and Vet Nurses are always in high demand due to the consistent need for medical care for pets and livestock. Animal Welfare Officers and Pet Sitters/Walkers are also sought after, especially in urban areas where pet ownership is high.

Can I switch to an animal care career if I have no prior experience?

Yes, absolutely! Many animal care roles offer on-the-job training and have entry-level positions. Additionally, there are numerous short courses and online courses that you can take to gain foundational knowledge and skills. These options make it easier for career switchers to transition into animal care.

How do I know which animal care job is right for me?

Consider your personal interests and strengths. If you're passionate about medical care and want a hands-on role, becoming a Vet Nurse might suit you. If you're more interested in animal rights and advocacy, a role as an Animal Welfare Officer could be your calling. It's all about matching your skills and passions to the daily tasks and objectives of the job.

Are there entry-level jobs for those who are new to animal care?

Yes, there are several entry-level positions in animal care. For example, positions like Farm Hand, Kennel Assistant, and Pet Sitter/Walker often require minimal prior experience. These roles offer an excellent starting point and provide valuable experience that can help you advance to more specialised roles in the future.

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