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In 2019, looking for a well paying job without a university degree can be hard and stressful. It's almost as if every employer is looking for a worker who has some kind of qualification, or at least a lot of experience in the field.  

You may think it's impossible to find a decent career without a degree, but you're wrong. There are actually many jobs that you'll be able to get your hands on, without needing to go to university. Sometimes all you need is a qualification, and luckily enough, OCA offer over 200 different courses so you can really find that passion in life. With our online certificates and short courses, finding a career is made easy. If you're looking for a steady income but don't want the stress of going to university, have a look at some of the best paying jobs that are on offer in 2019.

Web Developer

Everyone has a website these days, but a good website? That's hard to create without some help from a web developer. A web developer engages in the programming of internet applications, so if you're into all things tech, this career path could be perfect for you. With online presence being so important, the demand for web developers is on the rise so it's the perfect job if you need stability and are really really good at coding!

Want to learn how to build a website? Check out our short course in HTML right here. The average salary is $60 000.

Management (Gaming)

The good thing about management positions, is that once you get into a company, it's a lot easier to move up. Management positions can be in HR, hospitality, corporate or development. They may require a certificate, but if you're already working in one of the sectors, your skills will gradually build up and you'll be able to show yourself as a valuable candidate for a higher position. This is popular in sectors such as tourism and hospitality, and especially the gaming industry.

Build your skills in events, tourism or hospitality with one of our courses. View them hereThe average salary is $60 000.

Real Estate Agent

Yep, that's right. You don't need a degree to become a real estate broker. All you need is the gift of the gab! If you're good at persuading people to buy things, a real estate agent is right up your alley. With a lot of the job being sales based, a real estate agent sells real estate, organises loans and rents properties. It's perfect for the outgoing and confident person who loves to chat and make some commission. The average salary is $50 000, excluding commission.

Commercial Pilot

If you aren't afraid to be in the air, a career as a commercial pilot could be for you! In some intense on-the-job training, you learn everything from navigating planes to rescue operations and everything in between. The job is perfect for those who want to grow and aren't afraid of a lot of dedication and hard work. After gaining lots of experience, commercial pilots can progress in their career to commercial carriers. The average salary is $65,000.

Dental Hygienists

A good pay check may just change your mind about a job in dental! A dental hygienist earns a decent income for a career that doesn't need a degree. The job involves examination of teeth, oral care and dental advice. It's almost like the dental hygienist is the sidekick to the dentist, so their job is very important. The average salary is $63 000. 

Executive Assistant

If multi tasking is your thing, then look no further than an executive assistant position. A little bit different to a regular admin role, the executive assistant supports the CEO or manager of a company. Responsibilities can range from office management, communication, correspondence and organisation. The job revolves around the executive so everything you do will be for them. The position is good for someone who wants to get in to an office role. The average salary is $65 000.

Are you trying to find a job which doesn't require a university degree? Start with building up your skills by taking on one of our courses! View them all right here! Also, don't forget to take our personality test to see what jobs suit you!

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