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Over the last number of years, education has been utterly transformed. Once upon a time, the only option was classroom learning, so if you wanted to become a lash artist, you needed to take the time, trouble, and expense of enrolling and physically getting yourself there to train.

However, in 2023, a lot of online beauty training, specifically online lash courses, has emerged - offering a range of benefits to the learner. Triggered by pandemic lockdowns, many companies turned to online learning; some are yet to return!

So come with us now as we explain why courses like our Beauty, Lifestyle & Leisure Certificate represent the future of professional training.

#1 - Flexibility & Convenience

When you engage in a classroom training course, there’s an obvious necessity to be there in person. So, depending on how far you have to travel to learn hair styling and lash application, it’s a distance you need to cover every time you visit.

What’s more, you typically have to learn at the pace of other people on your lash extension course. This was the traditional way for...well, forever...until online lash courses came along.

Online Students Learn at Their Own Pace

With instruction delivered online, your lash extension training can be taken as and when it suits you. So, if you’re a slow learner, you won’t feel like a nuisance holding everyone else back.

Also, you can learn at whatever time of day you’re ready to, meaning you’ll get high-quality learning and boost your information retention levels.

#2 - Access to Top-Quality Education

Sometimes, you may find that the quality of online lash courses in Australia can vary - depending on who you learn with. Also, certain in-person specialist training might not be available in your locality, so you may have to enrol on a course that takes ages.

Lash training for beginners is often widely available in-person, but it often isn't if you want to learn particular techniques. However, with an online lash course, there’s no issue with geographical location, and you can learn whatever it is you’ve got your heart set on.

So, whether you’re looking for the latest technique for classic lash or volume eyelash extensions, the online lash course allows you to access the finest education.

#3 - Direct Expert Mentor Support

When you take eyelash extension training in a classroom environment, you benefit from the instructor’s expertise - and that’s it. Furthermore, your instructor may have been in the classroom for a long time, meaning they aren’t 100% in touch with the latest goings-on in the beauty industry. Not so with an online lash course.

At OCA, our beauty students get direct, 1-to-1 mentoring support from Mel Burnicle - a social media star who’s also a leading light in the industry. Providing ongoing support to you throughout, you get great insights into the latest trends and how to become your own boss in the sector.

You see, Mel hasn’t just run her own business, she’s thrived in the industry, and the support she provides can be invaluable in terms of troubleshooting and networking and contacts. Combined with the 24/7 tutorial support we offer, you’ll never be stuck for assistance!

#4 - It’s Way More Affordable

There’s no getting around the fact that in-person training is far more expensive than learning online. Broken up into bite-sized modules, OCA online learning, like our Eyelash Extension Course Bundle + Wholesale Kit, covers every aspect of the lash business, step by step, in the same way, a classroom course does.

As such, trainee lash technicians in this course learn:

  • Classic eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash extension application in humidity
  • Creating Natural Lashes
  • Using the right lash products
  • Lash mapping, & prep
  • Lash assessments
  • Patch testing

This is just a selection of the many topics covered in this online lash tech course, so you’ll get all the info you need about the lash industry to thrive.

Of course, you might not have a live model to work on at home (unless you can work on a friend or relative), but that’s not a problem with our online learning, as students get a free lash kit with its own mannequin head. You don’t even have to buy a pair of tweezers!

#5 - The Future of Education

In terms of lash styling and makeup artistry, online learning represents the future of education - as it does across many industries in 2023. In-person courses offer a lot, but they’re expensive, time-consuming, and don’t offer much more obvious benefits.

Compared to a classroom day course, online learning is convenient, affordable, and supremely accessible. Whether you’re learning volume lash techniques or lash lift methods, online learning lets you learn in your own time and return for a refresher any time you like!

Enjoy a Rewarding Beauty Career With OCA Online Learning

At OCA, our video-based, CPD-endorsed online lash courses provide a mentally stimulating and engaging way to gain new professional skills. Allowing you to gain the skills required to make it in the industry, our cost-effective learning represents the future of education across diverse sectors.

Watch our Student Study Demo, and you’ll see exactly what you can expect as an OCA student, along with details of our AI-driven platform that encourages lifelong learning. Visit us today at, and you can see our full course library that covers over 20 different sectors and our payment plan options.

However, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team about our online lash course, call 1300 611 404 or email, and we’ll get back to you without delay.

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