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Anyone familiar with social media will know just how fast TikTok has grown since it was created back in 2016. So fast has its popularity grown that there are expected to be 3.4 million users by the end of 2023 in Australia alone. The great news is that as well as offering oceans of cat videos and life hacks, it also represents a rich resource for professional and personal development. 

Do I Need Social Media For My Career?

Of course, social media isn't mandatory, and you can work on your work and interpersonal skills without using platforms like TikTok - but it may put you at a disadvantage. With no social media profiles created, employers will find it more difficult to find you. Platforms like LinkedIn are routinely searched by recruiters, so if you're not present - those opportunities are gone straight away. 

What Tiktok Accounts Should I Follow To Grow Professionally?

Amongst TikTok's many content creators, you'll find some truly useful general career advice (and industry-specific assistance), so regardless of whether you're looking for work after completing your aged care courses or you're coming to the end of your teachers' aide course, certain profiles will help you grow as a professional. 

Here are the top 5 we've identified…

  • TikToker #1 - Cathryn Patterson


As the former VP of a tech company and someone with more than two decades in the industry, Cathryn offers informed career strategy advice. Providing diverse advice across a range of work-related challenges like standing out in the workforce or overcoming workplace discrimination, this Tiktoker is a prolific creator of content that you can use to supercharge your career.

  • TikToker #2 - Vanessa Santos 


Delivering regular professional coaching advice to her many followers, Vanessa Santos has expertise in strategic marketing and is the Co-CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina. The assistance she offers covers everything you could face in the workplace, as well as empowering people to understand their true value and how to demonstrate that value to potential employers. Very useful this one. 

  • TikToker #3 - Erin McGoff 


Erin's page is full of advice for both young employees and college graduates. Look through just a single page of her posts, and you'll find lots of guidance on writing CVs, interviewing and everything else you might encounter from hiring managers. You can also message her directly for help that she's glad to provide, making this profile a rather useful online learning tool.

  • TikToker #4 - Sam DeMase 


Sam introduces herself as her followers' career & confidence bestie - and offers help for women wanting to improve their interpersonal skills and make it in the uncompromising corporate world. Providing help with resumes, cover letters and strategies to establish yourself in the workplace, Sam has over ¼ million followers who all get to enjoy the valuable insight she delivers.

  • TikToker #5 - Jenny Logullo


As a self-proclaimed career hype girl, Jenny founded the Workplace Worth Academy and helps her followers overcome common workplace issues like imposter syndrome and a lack of self-belief. She also offers helpful advice on aspects like personal branding, interview coaching, LinkedIn profile writing and more. Another great TikTok account that's packed with value. 

While these are five very helpful TikTok accounts we've focused on, they represent just a fraction of the overall number of content creators ambitious Australians can use to get ahead in their careers. Carry out your ongoing search, and we're sure you'll uncover much more. Making use of these resources is imperative, as you can bet your life your competitors are! 

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