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Do you think you could be a business development manager? It's a role that can undoubtedly be high-pressure with targets to meet, so it will not suit everyone. That said, it's very well-paid work, with the average person in the job earning in excess of $100k per year, so for people with the right stuff - the rewards are certainly there.

Is A Business Development Manager A Good Job? 

Well, that's quite a subjective question to answer, but it is a job with great variety. It can be challenging, as your primary goal is to grow the business you're working for. You’ll spend much of your time having meetings, nurturing clients, and liaising with other stakeholders, so you’ll lean heavily on your interpersonal skills  and good judgement.

So, What Makes A Good Business Development Manager? 

It takes a specific type of person to be a successful business development manager  (BDM), which we look at in more detail now. So come with us as we explore five skills you can't do without if you want to cope and thrive in the role.

Manager Skill #1 - Great Communication

As online courses in business development teach us, being a successful BDM requires creating and nurturing long-term client relationships. You'll need strong verbal and written communication skills to make initial connections with people and then develop. Without the ability to converse clearly, getting the desired results will be harsh. 

Manager Skill #2 - Strong Negotiation

There will be times when you won't always be on the same page with clients regarding pricing, which means you'll need to negotiate. It’s not a matter of just lowballing all your clients, as that approach may negatively affect your relationship with people. Good negotiation means getting the results you're looking for by knowing exactly when and when not to compromise.

Manager Skill #3 - Project Management

Another central part of being a successful business development manager is project management. That's because you'll make plans, set goals and manage risks as you progress. Budgets, time restraints, and staff are other aspects of the process that also need to be accounted for, so your project management skills need to be sharp.

Manager Skill #4 - Business Intelligence 

As any good business management course shows, business intelligence is crucial to any management role. As a development manager, you'll need to understand your competition, as well as how you’re going to overcome them. This means lots of research and market analysis to evaluate the ongoing positioning of the company you work for.

Manager Skill #5 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ok, so it's a pretty corny phrase, but it applies to working as a business development manager. Collaborating is vital, as you can't do everything yourself. In the same way, as business managers finesse clients into purchasing from them, you'll be using your interpersonal skills  to create great relationships within your team, allowing you to achieve much more than you would on your own.

Get the Career You're Looking For With OCA Online Learning 

There's no getting around business development management is a challenging field, but for those with the drive and expertise, the sky's the limit! If you want to develop your skills in this area, there is no better way than via OCA CPD-Endorsed short courses online. Video-based and modular courses like our Business Retail Entrepreneurship course represent a great way to work on yourself when you're short on time.

What we offer is considered by our students as the best online courses Australia  can offer, and you can see why by taking a look at our Student Study Demo. It covers aspects like how our learning platform encourages further learning and gives every OCA student access to 1-to-1 mentoring and 24/7 tutorial support. As such, you’ll always be able to get help when you need it.

Business management is just one of more than 20 different professional sectors covered by our courses, and you can see the full range of possibilities simply by visiting us today at There you’ll also see that we offer several flexible payment options that make our cheap courses even more affordable.

However, if you have any questions about enrolling on any of our online courses, our friendly team is ready and waiting to help. To get in touch, all you have to do is call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected], and we will work hard to respond as quickly as we can the moment we receive your inquiry.

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