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As a manager, you often have to be all things to all people, with great communication skills required to succeed in the role. However, as you’ll find out on any good business management course, it’s not just as simple as being clear about what you’re saying. Different situations call for nuanced types of interpersonal skills to arrive at the desired outcome. 

That’s what we cover in this blog, as we look at the interpersonal communication qualities all great leaders have. By reading to the end, you’ll understand which online learning courses you need to focus on to develop your own skills. We will get into how a business management course can help you do that shortly, but let’s first get to those communication skills. 

Great Verbal Communication

When you’re leading a team, great verbal communication is key, as you need to be clear, to the point and professional in everything you do. That needs to be backed up with understanding too, as it’s vital that your instructions are comprehended by everyone you manage. 

If you’re not able to master this, you can’t expect your staff to be able to complete the tasks you give them. However, as a business management course will show you, this is only part of the picture, as the best leaders also communicate in a way that encourages buy-in from everyone.

Excellent Non-Verbal Communication

Often forgotten, non-verbal communication can be just as vital to leading a team, as we’re talking about facial expressions, body language and hand gestures. For instance, if you stand in a confrontational way with your arms crossed, you’re not going to appear welcoming to your team. Eye contact plays a big part too, so you should ensure that you’re always professional, yet friendly and approachable.

Effective & Active Listening

Good interpersonal skills are imperative when working in teams or groups. As you can discover with online learning, communication is a two-way street, meaning that it’s not all about giving orders. If you want your staff to be motivated in their work, they need to feel valued and that comes from being listened to. 

Whether talking about appraisals, brainstorming meetings or during day-to-day conversations, if you’re not properly listening, you’re going to miss something important, and it’s only going to harm the relationships you have with employees.

Genuine Empathy 

One of the most important things a business management course will teach you about is the need to be empathetic during interactions with your team. Empathy is all about understanding because if you’re not able to connect with people, you’re never going to be able to help them be at their very best.

Being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes, you get to witness life from their point of view, and then get an improved understanding of what motivates them to succeed.

Improve Your Skills With Flexible Online Learning

As we can see, great communication is far more complex than being able to talk loudly, and the great thing is that if your management skills need some work, developing them has never been easier, thanks to business management course options from OCA. Courses like our Business Management Advanced course come with one on one tutoring, and support 7 days a week and can be taken at a pace that suits you.

To learn more about this or any of our CPD-approved online training that’s created in conjunction with industry experts, visit us today at There you will also discover our credit-check-free flexible payment options that make our courses accessible to everyone. 

Alternatively, should you need any assistance prior to enrolment, all you have to do is call our friendly team on 1300 611 404 today. They’re ready and waiting to show you how easy the process can be. 

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