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As a veterinary assistant, you play an essential role in protecting the health of pets and livestock across Australia. In this role, you’re a very important part of any practice you work in, as you provide help when and where it’s needed. But is it a job for you? After all, you only find that out once you’re on the job, right?

Well, that’s what we look into here, so you get a good idea of what you can expect after completing your online veterinary assistant’s course with OCA. By reading to the end, you should know in your heart of hearts whether you’d enjoy doing this kind of work. So, let’s start at the beginning of the working day without further ado.

The Start of Your Working Day

Of course, the specifics of your working day may vary depending on the type of establishment you work in, so for the purposes of this blog, let’s assume that you’re working regular office hours in standard practice. In this case, you’ll start the day by checking in with your supervisor (typically the veterinarian or their technician) to find out what’s expected for the day ahead.

As you’ll learn from your veterinary assistant’s course, you’ll start by changing the bedding and feeding and watering the animals under the practice’s care. It’s essential to keep the animal enclosure clean for the animal’s comfort and to prevent infectious diseases from spreading. If you see any of the animals needing help or behaving unusually during this process, this is fed back to the vet.

The Daily Duties of a Veterinary Assistant

After completing your morning duties, you’ll act on those skills you learnt in your Vet Assist course. As the name of the position suggests, a large part of the role will be assisting the vet in performing his or her duties. This involves cleaning the examination room, preparing equipment, as well as sometimes helping deliver treatment whilst under supervision.

You’ll also be required to carry out practice administration tasks - like issuing invoices, greeting customers, answering the phone, and generally help for the practice to operate. You’ll need to have a professional manner, too and sometimes be compassionate as you comfort owners when they get bad news about their pets.

The End of the Working Day As A Veterinary Assistant

When you reach the end of the day, a veterinary assistant’s job will involve making sure that all animals are secured in their enclosures, but also comfortable, fed and watered - if the practice doesn’t run 24 hours a day. Then the final job is usually cleaning the practice and storing away any equipment or tools that have been used during the day.

Without veterinary assistants, practices would not run as smoothly, so it’s a crucial role, even though you’re not directly treating animals on your own. What you do is make sure that the vet is supported in caring for all animals in the practice so that the treatment received is as good as possible.

Take a Veterinary Assistant’s Course, The Easy Way

As you can see, the skills, you gain from taking an online veterinary assistant’s course open you up to a really interesting and rewarding line of work. If you’re someone who loves animals, there aren’t many roles that are going to offer you more in terms of job satisfaction than that of a veterinary assistant, and the courses we offer are accessible to anyone with the desire to get qualified.

If you’d like to know more about our Veterinary Assistant Pathway Course and what’s involved, why not visit us online at There you’ll find details of our entire range of affordable online courses that you can use to boost your career aspirations.

If you have any issues with enrolment or you’d simply like to speak to us directly about your training needs, call our friendly team on 1300 611 404 today and let us show you how stress-free and flexible online professional training can be.

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