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If you're running a franchise or a small business, your leadership skills play a crucial role in determining your success. While it might seem easy for some, personal growth as a leader can be a bumpy journey with its fair share of mistakes.

One significant misstep to watch out for is showing favouritism. This can lead to conflict issues within your team and even impact your bottom line. So, let's explore why it's a problem and how you can steer clear of it. 

Why Is Favouritism Bad in the Workplace?

Research has found that a whopping 75% of employees have seen favouritism at work (source). Even though it's not against the law, it's not great for fostering a united team. When you show special treatment to someone without a clear business reason, it can plant the seeds of resentment and harm your team's overall productivity.

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5 Tips for Avoiding Favouritism in the Workplace 

Are you unknowingly playing favourites in your workplace? It's important to realise that if you are, your employees probably already know it. Let's explore some steps to prevent favouritism and ensure that everyone feels equally valued. 

Avoid Hiring Family  

One surefire way to make your team feel like you have favourites is by hiring family members. Studies often highlight nepotism that breeds resentment because other team members may assume you favour family. To avoid this, think twice before hiring family members into your team.

Measure All Employees By Objective Standards 

Modern businesses thrive on fairness, so let's keep it simple. Don't have one set of rules for some and another for others. Instead, measure each employee by the same standards that apply to everyone. If someone falls short, be ready to address it, no matter who they are. Consistency is key.

Praise EVERYONE For Good Performance 

When someone on your team goes above and beyond or simply does a fantastic job, make sure you give them a shout-out, no matter who they are. People love a pat on the back, so spread the praise around. If you only applaud a select few, others might think, "Why bother?" That's not what we want, right?

Be a Good Team Communicator 

Avoid making people feel left out by only talking shop with a chosen few. Be open and transparent about decisions and processes to show you trust your entire team. Remember, silence might be golden with kids, but for your employees, it's a motivation killer.

Spread Your Time Evenly With Staff

As the boss, you can chat with whomever you like, but be mindful of how much time you spend with each team member. Online business management courses remind us that favouritism can bring down team spirit. So, make sure to have regular one-on-one chats with everyone. Your time invested in each employee's growth is a win-win for all.

Engaged employees are more likely to give their best, take the initiative, and share your vision for the business. So, don't forget to spread the love and attention equally among your team members to create a friendly and productive workplace.

Become a Better Leader With Online Courses Australia 

Improvement is an ongoing journey for every leader, and one aspect to be mindful of is favouritism. It's a practice that can harm your team and business.

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