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The students at Online Courses AUS have a special way of staying focused and managing their day to day lives when undertaking a course. It's not easy to balance kids, work, house and social duties as well as studying. With self discipline being such an important trait, our super student Cherie has completed both a Certificate in Education Support as well as her Teachers Aide certificate. She did both courses over a one-month period while sticking to her usual routine! We had to find out exactly how she did it, so we got together with Cherie to find out more!

How did you manage to do two Certificates in one month, Cherie!
I’m a perfectionist; I have OCD with things like this! I also have a Diploma in Childcare when I got out of school so that made me get these courses done and I found it a lot easier than some people might.

What was the best thing about the courses?
Definitely the placement was the best thing about it. There’s nothing more I enjoyed than getting hands on - it was great!

Was there anything you struggled with during your studies?
Sometimes I didn’t understand a few questions here and there or exactly what they were asking for. Susan, my trainer, was great though; she was a fantastic help throughout the course. Sometimes time was hard considering I have three kids but somehow managed!

What was it that drew you towards studying with Online Courses AUS?
I was looking online and the thing that stood out was that you could do it in your own time. I googled what I wanted and Online Courses AUS seemed to fit perfectly.

What advice would you give to someone who was interested in studying online?
Don’t be afraid about studying online. Just stick with it and it will work out.

By completing two qualifications, Cherie is a prime example of how studying online can work around your lifestyle and other commitments. In one month, Cherie was able to complete two qualifications while looking after her family and maintaining her routine in life. 

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