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Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials)

Course Bundle
Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials) Trustpilot Rating
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"I completed my Teacher Aid Course it was an amazing experience that helped me to study on my own time and at home while my kids are at school and have a chance to look after them and their needs. Now I can look for a job. Thank you for this opportunity." - Safia Merhi

Looking to further your career in school-based education support? OCA’s Online Teacher’s Aide Course Bundle is our most comprehensive education support course. Featuring 3 education courses at one affordable price, it’s the perfect next step to becoming a Teacher’s Aide or entering the early childhood education sector. What are you waiting for? Start your enrolment today and start your dream career working with young people.

Teacher's aides play a crucial role in our Australian school system, working hand in hand with primary teachers to make sure every student, no matter their abilities or where they come from, gets a rich and full learning experience at school every day.

3 School Based Education Courses, 1 Affordable Price. 
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Our Teachers Aide Course Bundle covers 26 topics across three courses:

This course bundle is tailored for aspiring Teacher’s Aides, focusing on key areas such as numeracy, learning support, promoting responsible student behaviour, and enhancing competency in both primary and secondary school settings. You'll gain valuable skills including:

  • Boosting numeracy skills and oral language skills among students.
  • Helping with extra activities such as physical exercise or physiotherapy.
  • Assisting students with special needs.
  • Meeting with teachers and parents to discuss students’ progress.
  • Helping students learn English as a second language.
  • Assisting students with personal care such as eating, taking medication and toiletry needs.

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Do you want to get a taste of the value-packed content you'll enjoy in this Course Bundle? Here’s a sneak preview of the course overview.

Why students love learning with us
We don't use dense academic text books. Instead, we design digestible step-by-step modules and high-quality video sessions, backed by 24/7 tutorial support. The lessons are all taught on demand, and assessments are generally short answer or multiple-choice and can be re-taken as many times as needed. They’re perfect for people with busy lives and families who want to better themselves while unlocking better opportunities.
Fully CPD endorsed
We are CPD endorsed. Completing CPD-endorsed learning gives you CPD Points. These points are recognised by employers. You will receive evidence of your CPD points on your Course Completion Acknowledgement and digital badge issued by Credly.
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Enrol at any time and study on your own terms. Assessments are designed to improve comprehension rather than test the recall of facts in a timed setting.
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Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a course completion acknowledgement and short form credential for: Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials).
Certificate of Achievement

CPD Endorsement and Digital Badge (Credential)

We are CPD endorsed. Completing CPD endorsed learning gives you CPD Points. These points are recognised by employers. You will receive evidence of your CPD points on your Course Completion Acknowledgement and digital badge issued by Credly.

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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge. Completing CPD endorsed learning gives you CPD Points. These points can then be used in your portfolio/resume or future career as a professional. Online Courses Australia is accredited with the CPD Service.
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Digital Badge (Credential)

Along with your OCA Course Completion Acknowledgement, you'll also receive a Digital Badge (from Credly).

What will a Credly digital badge issued by Online Courses Australia do for you?
A quality credential clearly explains what you can do, what you did to earn this and who says you earned it. It is more than a piece of paper.
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  • The digital version of a credential is secure.
  • This is a trusted method for real-time verification; it is not self-reported.
  • You'll see direct connections between skills and jobs.
Unlock your potential and enhance your professional opportunities with these features:
  • Share your digital badge via LinkedIn and other social platforms
  • Share your digital badge to a mobile wallet for on-the-job credential verification
  • Customise your Micro-Credential(s)
  • Accept, view and share your digital badge in your local language
  • Access labor market insights for your desired industry
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Career Pathways

  • Teachers Aide
  • School Officer
  • Education Support Officer
  • Special Education Support Officer
  • Integration Officer
  • Integration Aide
  • Home Tutor

Course Delivery + Learner Support

This Teachers Aid Course is delivered 100% online, no classroom required

Instant access (simply enrol online, anytime)

Assessments are short answer and multiple choice

Fast turnaround on marking (within 1 business day)

One on one mentor support

Live chat, 7 days a week

Pre-Requisites and Important Information

Enrolling in the online Teacher’s Aide Course Bundle requires no prerequisites or formal qualifications.

This Teacher’s Aide Course Bundle is perfect for those already working in the field who want to enhance their careers, but it’s also suitable for people with little or no prior experience in the education industry. The course is delivered 100 per cent online, with 24/7 access.

To complete this course, a student must:

  • Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources
  • Have access to a device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)
  • Be a self-directed learner
  • Possess sound language and literacy skills

Course Topics

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