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Are you thinking of changing your career path? Or are you really unsure of what it is you want to do?  At OCA, we understand.  That's why we have created this Teacher Aide career sampler course to give you a taste of your potential future and the study involved to turn your dream into a reality.

"Just wanted to say Thank you to Linda and the team for all their support. I've now completed the teachers aide career sampler course and now I'm 100% certain this is what I want to do as a career.  I've now started applying for positions at my local schools and I'm going to undertake the more advanced courses you have available.  This was the most stress-free course I've ever done.  I've recommend you guys to my friends too." - Kathryn

OCA's Education Support (Teachers Aide) career sampler course is the first step to a solid career in education, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to inspire and support children as a Teachers Aide in a classroom or community education setting.

Our teacher aide industry experts have designed this course so you can experience "a day in the life of a teachers aide" whilst gaining an insight into the study involved in this career.

Teacher aides may do some or all of the following:

  • work with students one to one, and in small groups, following a programme prepared by the teacher
  • help with extra activities such as physical exercise or physiotherapy
  • meet with teachers and parents to discuss students' progress
  • help teachers plan lessons for students with special educational needs
  • help students learn English as a second language
  • give medication to students who need it
  • assist students with personal care such as toileting or eating.

Teacher aides need to have knowledge of:

  • how to work with students who have special needs
  • the school curriculum and subject areas in which they work
  • different teaching methods and learning styles
  • behavioural management techniques, such as ways to calm an angry child
  • child learning and development
  • school rules, policies and procedures, including safety and emergency procedures
  • first aid.

There are no formal education requirements to become a teacher aide. However, many employers prefer to hire teacher aides who have experience working with young people. Teacher aides must undergo a police background check.

What will you learn in this teachers aide course?
This course will show you a glimpse into the daily life of a teachers aide and what your career would look like. You will sample the expertise to communicate and work collaboratively with teachers and colleagues, as well as to support the holistic wellbeing, health and safety of all students.  You will learn the skills that you need to effectively help children learn and develop numeracy, literacy and oral language skills.  You will become familiar with implementing planned education programs in classroom settings, as well as helping with the organisation and management of classrooms and community education centres.

Why should you invest in this course? 
Succeeding in today's society requires a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. This course will show employers currency in your skills and knowledge and commitment in achieving career goals & becoming a better employee.  

Please check with your state department for the relevant "checks/permissions" that may be required to gain employment in this industry (I.E Blue card for working with children).

For any additional questions please see our comprehensive FAQ's.

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What do I get at the end of my course?


Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an Online Courses Australia Certificate of Achievement in Teachers Aide Career Sampler. This can be printed upon request.

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Every student receives an online portfolio where digital badges can be stored. So, you can share this with prospective employers, friends and colleagues. You can store all your learning and certificates (from different providers) in one secure place.


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Career + Personal
Development Pathways

  • Teachers Aide
  • School Officer
  • Education Support Officer
  • Special Education Support Officer
  • Integration Officer
  • Home tutor
  • Integration Aide
  • Education Support Worker
  • Multicultural Aide
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Pre-Requisites and Important Information

There are no formal requirements to do this course. 

This Teachers Aide Career Sampler is designed for people with little or no prior experience in the education industry who would like to start a career as a full-time or part-time Teachers Aide or Education Support Officer. The course is delivered 100 percent online 24/7 and takes 60 hours to complete.

To successfully complete this course, a student must:

Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources

Have access to any mobile device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)

Be a self-directed learner

Possess sound language and literacy skills

Course Topics

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Sample Video from our Teacher Aide Career Sampler course PLUS an extract from the topic; Set Up and Sustain Individual and Small Group Learning Areas.

Create a positive physical learning space

Most teachers will receive a very small budget, if one at all, to personalise their classroom and create an engaging and vibrant learning space. Making a classroom engaging does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Teachers need to be creative and resourceful when creating a learning space on a budget and there are a number of things that can be done.

Create a learning space

There are a number of things that can be done to create an engaging learning space:

• A dash of colour can make anything interesting! A can of spray paint adds colour to just about anything and will make most things look like new. Just make sure that the paint can be used around children.

• Take advantage of the many number of free, downloadable templates that are available.

• Use print shop programs to create professional looking resources.

• Check out clearance sales, bargain bins and second-handstores for ‘cheap and cheerful’ resources.

Well organised learning space

Having a well organised learning space will contribute to how well a classroom is run. Click each button below to learn more about the characteristics of a well-organised environment.

• Welcoming

• Responsive to learners and their needs

• Consistent and predictable

• Well-resourced and maintained

• Interesting and engaging

Physical layout

It is essential that the physical layout of your learning space is conducive with the students’ learning. Click each layout type to learn more.

• U Shaped -An ideal set up that is great for group discussions and presentations.

• V-shaped -This is a great set up that allows students to work together easily and face the centre of the room.

• Semi-circle - An ideal set up that will allow students to see everything that is going on at the front of the classroom.

• Four-square -This set up is great for students working in small groups especially when undertaking team building activities or enabling competitions between the groups.

• Simple -This set up is ideal for standard classroom learning.

Organising the room

When organising the room, it is important to arrange the space to allow easy access to each area of the room. Breaking up the space with clear pathways and clear play spaces allows for more focused and productive play. In an older learners’ classroom, having access to the whiteboard or main focus point of the room is essential.

Having small rows of desks, angled towards the front of the room allows students access that area of the room without having that sense of being at the back of the classroom.

Providing ‘break out’ areas for different types of activities to take place is also helpful. For example, you may have a low level, large table with cushions scattered around it for smaller children to work in small group activities or to do some reading. Having a carpeted area will provide space for the attendance roll to be called or for classroom reading activities to take place.

If you have students with special access requirements such as a wheelchair, you must ensure that the student has equal access to the learning environment and is easily accessible.

If you would like to preview this teachers aide course in more detail, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in similar teachers aide and education support courses - click here.


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