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For anyone wanting to begin a career in Australia’s education sector, the role of teacher’s aide is one of the most sought-after positions there is. Education is a fast-growing sector in Australia, too, with the demand for skilled professionals like these being high in the coming years.

Also referred to as integration aides, education aides or education support officers, the primary responsibilities of the job centre around helping children develop in a classroom setting, with the exact requirements depending on whether they are working in primary, secondary or special education.

An attractive career indeed, but the question would seem to be how do you begin the journey to becoming a teacher’s aide if you’re starting from scratch? Well, that’s what we look at here as we detail the steps you need to take to realise your career ambitions. 

Step One - Obtain The Required Qualifications 

The first step on the road is to get the base knowledge, which involves completing short course training like our Teacher’s Aide Course Bundle that covers everything you’ll need. In this course, you’ll cover all of the important elements like supporting individual and group student learning, monitoring progress and much more besides. You’ll basically get a solid grounding in the role and be ready for step two. 

Step Two - Get A Vocational Placement for Hands-On Teaching Experience

Next on your journey to becoming a bona fide teacher’s aide is the requirement to get some hands-on experience, which typically means getting a vocational placement. Depending on where you apply, this may or may not represent a paid position, but what you’ll gain from an experience point of view is the main objective here. Once completed, you’ll be able to point towards your time on your placement as evidence that you are able to fulfil your responsibilities in a real-world setting. 

Step Three - Apply For Teacher’s Aide Roles

So, you’ve got the qualifications and experience that the job requires. Now it’s time to start applying for positions, so it’s at this point that you’ll be choosing what type of education setting you’ll be entering. You’ll typically have the following to choose from...

  • Primary school Teaching Assistant
  • Secondary school teaching assistant
  • Education support officer
  • Preschool Aide
  • Integration Aide
  • Special School Teacher's Aide

It is recommended that you apply at a few establishments, as it is a very popular role and there will usually be some competition. However, with the industry continuing to grow as it is, persistence should lead to success sooner rather than later.

Study For Your Teacher’s Aide Qualifications the Easy Way 

Thanks to the online video-based micro-learning courses we offer at OCA, getting a base knowledge for roles like these is now easier than ever. With each hour completed contributing 1 CPD point, our training is engaging, easy to digest and can fit around your current responsibilities.

You can learn more about the wide range of online courses we offer for the educational sector and 20+ other industries by visiting today on There you’ll also see that we’ve even made training affordable with a selection of flexible payment options.

Alternatively, if you would like some questions answered before enrolling on our teacher’s aide course, you can get the information you need by calling us on 1300 611 404. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help in any way possible.  

OCA's Best selling Online Teacher's Aide Course Is Here!


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OCA's Best selling Online Teacher's Aide Course Is Here!
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