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Man’s best friend is certainly that in Australia, as nearly half of all households in the country have at least one dog. That equates to around 6.3 million doggy pals needing to have their physical and emotional needs met by their owners. However, owners can’t be there all the time - something that’s driven the popularity of pet sitters and dog walking businesses.

Dogs are very sociable animals and shouldn’t be left on their own for hours at a time. Dog-walking businesses ensure that many don’t have to be, as well as offering an array of advantages for both pooch and owner.

That’s what we analyse here, as we examine the benefits on offer, as well as look at how OCA online courses can give you the skills needed for better doggy care or even to start your own business.

How Do Dog Walking Businesses Work?

At first, the idea of dog-walking businesses seems pretty straightforward, right? They’re professional dog walkers - that’s pretty simple. However, how does pet sitting and dog walking work in practice for pet owners? Well, it goes a little something like this...

  • Dog walkers advertise for new clients on social media sites like Facebook and take bookings to come to their homes and take care of dog walking, feeding, and other care-related tasks.

  • Some dog walkers can pick up multiple dogs each time they go out, meaning that they can have to up to four dogs on group walks. Four is usually the maximum safe level.

  • Exercise & welfare is the aim, so the dog walker in question will usually take their pooches on a set route of no more than 3 miles or so. Some breeds can’t cope with more.

  • If the operator is a dog-walking company that also operates as a doggy daycare, they may have their owners’ furry friends on a full-time basis (i.e. all day).

  • Ideally, the pet care service involved will do a great job, and this encourages those using the service to hand out their business cards to others.

As you’ll learn in OCA animal health & veterinary care courses, there are a number of advantages that these dog walking businesses offer to both owners and their fur babies. In the next section, we’ll look at what they are.

The Benefits of Dog Walking Businesses For Dogs

If there’s one thing that most dogs love, it’s exercise and socialisation (i.e. being around other pooches). Successful dog-walking business owners understand how to meet this need, as well as help to support the canines they care for in a range of ways...

  • Improved cardiovascular health - when dogs get the requisite exercise, their heart health benefits - just like humans. A good walk every day is just enough exercise to ensure that the heart stays strong and healthy throughout their lives.

  • Weight management - believe it or not, nearly 8% of Australian pooches are either overweight or obese, and that’s more than ably dealt with by regular walking.

  • Joint Flexibility - those who love dogs will know that some breeds have problems with their joints - often due to lack of physical activity and weight issues. Regular exercise helps to keep the weight off and protect doggie joints.

  • Reduced hyperactivity - when a dog doesn’t get the necessary levels of exercise during the day, it can make them restless and hyperactive later in the day. They’ll have pent-up energy, and dog walking businesses help to tire dogs out, so they sleep at night like they should.

  • Improved socialisation - being around other dogs is important for canines, as they need this interaction to develop socially. The friendships they make when being walked with other dogs also help to promote good mental health and happiness for pooches.

  • Learning leash manners & obedience - something else useful that’s offered by some dog-walking businesses is leash obedience training. Establishing a routine in this way helps the doggie in question to behave in the right way when they get home.

When it comes to the owner, dog-walking businesses offer real peace of mind that their furry friends are being properly looked after by experts. To many, their dogs are an extension of their family, so they worry when they’re left at home.

Start Your Own Dog Walking Business With OCA Online Learning

Whether you’re a passionate dog owner who loves going out for dog walks and wants to learn how to better care for their pooch, or you want to start offering professional dog walking services yourself, there’s no better way to get the required skills than with highly stimulating CPD-endorsed OCA short courses online.

To get a good idea of the immersive learning experience you get with OCA, we recommend that you watch our Student Study Demo. However, if you’d like to see our full range of courses that cover more than 20 different professional industries, visit us today at

However, if you’d prefer to talk to us before you enrol, just give us a call at 1300 611 404 or email us at [email protected], and we’ll be delighted to assist in any way we can.


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