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Working with animals is one of the most popular fields you can apply for in Australia. It's no surprise, as Australia is a nation of animal lovers, with around 28.7 million pets being kept at last count. When entering the industry, people often choose to work in an animal attendant job, as it provides a platform from which to specialise. As well see, there are many ways in which you can specialise.

How Much Do Animal Attendants Get Paid In Australia? 

When occupying an animal attendant job, you can expect to be well remunerated, as the average salary for a professional like this ranges between $50k and $60k. Not bad at all, especially as you get to do a job you love! Pay is not the only aspect to consider, so let's look at some essential facts you'll need to know about the position.

How Do You Become An Animal Attendant In Australia? 

When looking at what kind of personal development you'll need to make to fill this kind of role, the good news is that OCA short courses online can help you prepare for TAFE training like this by offering specialist and foundational knowledge.

Once you have these qualifications, you can apply for roles across Australia. Moreover, you'll be in demand as the sector cries out for new people.

What Is The Job Of An Animal Attendant?   

When working in an animal attendant job, you'll enjoy a busy and very rewarding day-to-day working life. On any given day, you might be:

  • Grooming & bathing animals
  • Using animal insecticides to de-pest pets
  • Reporting severe health problems to vets
  • Moving animals between enclosures
  • Using your interpersonal skills to interact with owners
  • Treating minor animal injuries

Carrying out these duties daily can give you enormous job satisfaction, but that's not all. From there, it's possible to specialise in several ways.

How Can You Specialise In An Animal Attendant Job In Australia?

There are many ways you can go when working as an animal attendant, with the following representing just some of them:

  • Assistant animal groomer: this role involves washing, cutting, styling, and brushing animals' coats, as well as trimming their nails either in a salon or for competition reasons.
  • Rescue centre attendant: specific to rescue centres, you get to deal with incoming pets, communicate with the public and maintain enclosures.
  • Cattery or kennel attendant: - typically involving caring for cats and dogs while staying with you, you'll be exercising the animals, playing with them, grooming and feeding them.
  • Pet shop attendant: this customer-facing role is one in which you'll deal with the full spectrum of animal issues, selling products, and maintaining animals.

This is a small fraction of your possibilities in an animal attendant job. You can go anywhere you want to, meaning the industry is yours to explore.

Enjoy A Long Animal Care Career With OCA Online Learning 

Suppose you're considering pursuing an animal attendant job to enjoy all the career possibilities that come with it. In that case, there’s no better way to train than with CPD-Endorsed short courses online  from OCA, like our Animal Health & Veterinary Care Course. Able to be taken via your smartphone at a time and pace that suits you, our courses are industry-led, meaning they offer highly-relevant content that prepares you for life in the role.

Our learning experience is a world away from text-based courses you may have taken before, as our video-based modules are both engaging and captivating. We provide next-level, something you can get a better feel for by watching our Student Study Demo. 1-to-1 mentoring, 24/7 tutorial support, and a superb user experience are just some of the things you’ll see.

We offer Australia's most immersive online education covering over 20 industries. To see our full course library, visit us at, where you'll also see our flexible payment options that make our cost-effective learning even more affordable.

Alternatively, if you have misgivings or questions you’d like answered before enrolling in any of our courses, simply call 1300 611 404, and our team will be happy to help. If you’d prefer to email us, you can do so by messaging us at [email protected]. As soon as we get your inquiry, we’ll do our best to get back to you immediately.

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