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YouTube is a massive platform, with over 122 million people watching and sharing videos daily. And, 8 out of 10 internet users regularly use YouTube, making it the second-largest search engine globally (source).

But getting views and engagement isn't just about posting videos. You need to know how to create an effective social media strategy. In this blog, we’ll share 5 simple tips to help you grow your YouTube channel.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

1. Make Your Video Titles Compelling & Accurate

Your video titles are your first chance to catch a viewer's attention. Make them interesting and reflective of your video content. Avoid clickbait; it might bring views but won't help in building a dedicated audience. Your title should pique interest and give a truthful preview of the video.

2. Focus On Getting Your YouTube Thumbnails Right

Thumbnails are critical for making a strong first impression. They should be clear, high-quality, and accurately portray what your video is about. Use images in JPG or PNG formats with a minimum resolution of 1280x720 to ensure clarity and appeal. A well-chosen thumbnail can significantly increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your video.

3. Add Your Branding to Your YouTube Channel 

Professionalism goes a long way on YouTube. Brand your channel to make it look professional and cohesive. This includes adding your logo, using consistent colours, and ensuring your channel's overall aesthetic matches your brand. This not only makes your channel more visually appealing but also helps in building brand recognition.

4. Keep Your Videos at 5 Minutes & Under On Your Channel 

Attention spans on YouTube can be short, so keeping your videos around 5 minutes or less is usually a good idea. Of course, if your content requires more time, go for it, but always focus on making your videos as engaging and to the point as possible. You don’t want viewers to lose interest and leave before you've made your key points

5. Promote Your Videos on Other Platforms

Don’t rely solely on YouTube for viewers. Share your videos on social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, embed them in blog posts, or include them in email newsletters. This helps in reaching a wider audience and drives more traffic to your YouTube channel.

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