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Hello and welcome to the latest OCA mentor focus blog in which we talk to one of the talented people who provide guidance to students taking our online education courses. Today, we talk to Miranda Leeden, mentor for our personal trainer, nutrition & fitness course training, and someone with a great deal of experience in the industry.

A Little About OCA Mentor Miranda:

Miranda is a leading personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness instructor who spends much of her time helping her clients with their personal development. She's a fitness educator with extensive experience in the sector that stretches back over a decade. 

She's lectured for the Australian Institute of Fitness, has worked as a personal trainer in 5-star-rated Thailand health retreats, and has run her own fitness business for over a decade. It would be true to say that she has a lot of insight to offer to anyone looking to follow in her footsteps.

So, let's find out, shall we?

Hi Miranda. Thanks for taking time out of your day to speak to us

It's my pleasure. Happy to be here.

What drew you to work in the health & fitness Industry?

I grew up with an incredibly fit father who inspired me to love sports. I played in every team sport and fell in love with the comradery & sportsmanship. High-fiving, motivating each other, pushing each other to be our best...I loved it. I always felt I was stronger in a team and in a unit. I loved the feeling of belonging. I admired my dad so much. He taught me that nothing was unachievable with the right support and a plan. 

I was always (and still am) such a happy person, and I believe this is due to being so fit and healthy. People would always ask me what my secret was. For me, it was all about effort. The effort gave me pride. 

Challenging myself, pushing my own boundaries, and surprising myself with my own capabilities. It was a wonderful gift. Endorphins have always made me feel so alive!

It felt natural to then go on to help others to enjoy this feeling, so I studied to learn more because I saw so many coasting along in their lives and not living up to their potential or having the life and health that they truly deserved. I also saw how many people didn't know how to fuel themselves adequately with food. Good nutrition changed my life. I now feel unstoppable! My performance soars, my recovery is faster and my body functions optimally. 

What have you found to be the best & worst things about your fitness industry?

The best? The emails, the calls, and feedback from my clients. The energy I get when people commit, show up for themselves and invest in themselves is unbelievable. I love watching people unlearn and re-learn. Seeing their minds expand as they learn the truth about nutrition science and how best to train. Being there for those moments when my clients have epiphanies about nutrition makes every minute of studying (eating tuna out of a can) worthwhile. It's the greatest gift in the world to have the power to change someone's life. To know that you have the tools to GIVE them a better quality of life. To give them greater confidence and better performance. I truly love my job.

The worst? Everyone thinks it's all about aesthetics. it's not, it's about health and changing their life experience! It's about showing individuals the way, supporting them and teaching them that they really can be proud of themselves and confident in who they are. Showing them that they CAN BE whoever they want to be with the right education and application. Having the life, you have always dreamt of.

I don't care about competition within my industry; the more clinical nutritionists that exist, the better. We all have SUCH a big job to do (improving populations & societies), and I need all the help I can get. 

What advice would you give someone taking fitness & nutrition courses and starting out on the same journey?

Spend the money on professional online fitness courses. Invest in education; invest in a coach. Do the work, get uncomfortable. Allow yourself to UNLEARN everything society has taught you. Many people cherry-pick information from random places, and so much of it is WRONG, inaccurate, and sometimes even damaging!

Get back to the facts, the science. Abolish your restricting beliefs (e.g. Wheat, gluten, and dairy are bad…they AREN'T) and learn about everything. Make your own mind up!! Look at the facts and research, learn and then apply your knowledge.

What would you do differently if you had the chance?

Honestly? I'd never do any fad diet…ever. Seriously though, I'd just stop worrying. I'd create a sustainable, long-term health plan and stick to it. Adherence is the key!

I'd train SMART by only working out 3-4 times a week instead of smashing my body every day. I'd prioritise recovery, stop worrying about what my body looked like from every angle, and stop comparing myself to everyone else. There's so much more to life! Focus on you, stay in your lane and try to be the best (and healthiest) version of YOU! 

Finally, which online resources helped you on your journey?

There's a tonne of stuff online that I've referred to over the years to help guide me. Here's just a selection of the sites I've used and still do today!

There's lots of helpful info on these sites that I turn to on a regular basis. No one ever knows everything there is to know, so it's great to be able to build your industry knowledge in your own time.

Train for a Role in Fitness With OCA Fitness & Nutrition Courses 

Great insights were provided thereby, Miranda! We think you'll agree. If you are just starting out on your journey to a career in the fitness industry, training for it has never been more accessible, thanks to our CPD Endorsed, video-based nutrition and personal trainer course  options.

Able to be taken at a pace that suits you, they make learning a cinch, mainly due to the immersive way content is delivered. To see exactly what life as an OCA student is like, watch our Student Study Demo or head over to our website, where you’ll find training that covers more than 20 industries that comes with 1 to 1 mentoring support.

Alternatively, to speak to us about our online fitness courses  or anything else, call us on 1300 611 404 or

email us at [email protected], and we’ll strive to answer you as quickly as we can.

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Mentored By Miranda? Enrol In Personal Training
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