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Seniors often face common health issues as they get older, such as dementia, limited mobility, and vision problems.

Vision loss, in particular, is a significant challenge and affects nearly half a million Australians aged 55 and above (source).

If you’re caring for an elderly person at home, here are some ways to make your home safer. 

Making Life Easier & Safer For Seniors With Low Vision 

How can you help seniors with low vision? Some seniors lose their sight because of conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts. No matter the cause, it makes it harder for them to move around safely at home.

When medication, surgery, or glasses can't help anymore, it's time to make home adjustments for their safety and comfort.

Here are a few ways you can make your home safer:

Highlight Sharp Edges & Steps

Falls can be a significant danger for seniors, leading to injuries. Falls are the number one cause of hospitalisation, injuries, and even death among the elderly. You can help by using high-visibility tape to mark steps and sharp edges in your home. You can also do the same with light switches and plug sockets to make them easier to find.

Introduce Voice-controlled Tech

Voice-controlled technology, like Echo, Alexa, and Google Nest products, can be a game-changer for seniors. These affordable gadgets can enhance their self-sufficiency. Seniors can check the weather, order groceries, or listen to music by simply speaking, which can make life easier.

Boost Light Levels in the Home

Increasing the brightness of your home can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, especially for those with impaired vision. Motion-activated LED lights are cost-effective and can be placed in high-traffic areas like corridors to help seniors see where they are walking more clearly.

Keep Everything Tidy, Always

One of the most common causes of trips and falls is clutter in walkways and rooms. Ensure that all areas are free from clutter. If you're considering a career change to aged care, maintaining cleanliness and tidiness is crucial, so it's a good practice to adopt.

These ideas don't have to be expensive and can make a real difference in the lives of elderly loved ones. It's a small investment for their safety and well-being, making it worth considering.

Why Is Home Health Care The Best For Your Elderly Loved Ones? 

Why is home health care the best for your elderly loved ones, even if they have vision issues?

Well, aged care courses, like our Aged Care Pathway Bundle, emphasise that being at home offers a familiar and independent setting. Unlike assisted living facilities or care homes, staying at home helps seniors avoid feeling depressed or anxious due to losing their independence.

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