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If you’re taking short courses online in order to become a fully-fledged professional makeup artist, you have a long and exciting road ahead. You’ll learn much about the job's requirements over the next few years. However, you may also be presented with certain misconceptions people have about makeup.

What are some everyday makeup mistakes people make? 

It’s a subject that most women will have an opinion on, so when talking with clients, you’re likely to hear a few from time to time. Mistakes like applying the wrong shade of foundation and applying makeup in the wrong order are just some of the errors that often result from these falsehoods.

What are the biggest mistakes using makeup? 

Here we lay out some of the biggest or most frequently stated myths about makeup so you’re well prepared for them when they get mentioned. Knowing the following and having an answer ready will help you avoid the associated mistakes and boost your credibility as a pro.

Makeup Myth 1 - Makeup Is Bad For Your Skin

While certain types of makeup may clog the pores of specific skin types, overall, makeup is not bad for your skin. As a makeup artist, you should know that when a client gets fine lines and oily or dry patches after wearing makeup, it’s not typically the makeup that’s to blame. Instead, it’s the person’s lifestyle. The client’s focus should then be on establishing an effective skincare routine. 

Makeup Myth 2 - Wearing Makeup Means You Don’t Need Sunscreen 

A surprising number of people out there think you don’t need sunscreen if you’re wearing makeup. Sadly, this is wrong. Sunscreen is needed AS WELL AS makeup, as any SPF protection the makeup claims to have wears off quickly. As such, sunscreen should be included in your makeup application routine. Take a look at this My Skin Centre article to see how it’s done.

Makeup Myth 3 - The Fewer Ingredients Makeup Has, the Better It Is

Watch a few makeup demo  videos featuring paraben-free, oil-free or fragrance-free products, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the fewer ingredients products have, the better they are. These products are simply designed for people with sensitive skin but are not necessarily a mark of quality. Suitability is primarily based on the person and the skin you’re working on. 

Makeup Myth 4 - Makeup Doesn’t Go Out of Date

When you’re learning how to apply makeup  professionally, it’s drummed into you that your kit always needs to be checked and prepared for the next client. This involves checking expiration dates because it DOES matter! Over time, makeup breaks down like any food you might buy, mainly once it has been used. It’s why many pros keep track of when they buy all their makeup.

Makeup Myth 5 - Sleeping in Your Makeup Is Fine

You might think that the main issue with going to bed with your makeup on is that you’ll wake up with crusty mascara eyes, but as an online makeup course will show you, your pores take the hit. Waiting until morning makes your pores clogged, naturally leading to spots. Plus, nighttime is when your skin heals, but if it’s caked in makeup, it won’t be able to anywhere near as well.

Realise Your Makeup Artist Ambitions With Online Courses Australia

The reason why misconceptions like these persist is that people keep them alive by inadvertently passing them on. However, as a fully-trained makeup artist, you’ll be required to know your subject inside out, and the best way to achieve that is through video-based, CPD-Endorsed short courses online  from OCA.

Forget everything you know about text-based learning, as our video modules offer a next-level learning experience. Want to know more about it? No problem. You can take a look at our student study demo to see what learning with us is like, or visit us at

There you’ll find our entire course library, which covers more than 20 different industries and comes with great support via 1-to-1 mentoring that’s available 7 days a week. We also offer flexible payment options to make your learning journey more affordable than it already is. 

However, if you have any questions about our make-up course training or our full range of courses that cover more than 20 different professional industries, call 07 3039 0101, email our friendly team [email protected]or you can book a career call here

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