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Imagine being taken in to another world and having the ability to interact in a virtual setting with others? With emerging technologies, the rise of virtual and augmented reality is going to allow us to do this, and it may be sooner than you think. With major players like Facebook, Apple, Sony, Microsoft & Google all jumping onboard, virtual and augmented reality is being heavily invested in for both learning and entertainment purposes. 

What Is Virtual Reality?
Firstly, virtual reality refers to a representation of a real environment, usually used for learning purposes such as online education. It's a web based platform which consists of digital features that allow students to have an enhanced learning experience through a level of 3D interaction.

What Is Augmented Reality?
Augumented reality can often be viewed as a form of virtual reality, but with a twist. It's where real life and digital life are combined so that the user can almost get the worlds environment in their phone, computer, television or augmented glasses. The concept is slowly starting to come up in apps and other technologies. A perfect example of mixed virtual & aumented reality is the Microsoft Hololens, which is expected to be released next year. The Hololens presents real life and virtual elements that blend together to create a shared environment through special lenses. Just check out the video below to see what all the fuss is about!

Will Learning Really Become Entertainment?
So the question here is - will learning really become entertainment? The answer is definitely, and it's already slowly happening. OCA will continue to develop more experiences for our students to follow along with the growing trend of mixed reality. Not only is this move to virtualisation exciting, but the acquisition of learning is more appealing as students are taken on a journey unlike anything they've ever seen before. With major players jumping onboard, the trend of virtual and augumented reality will be a fun experience not just for students, but for everyone. Not only will learning change, but the way we use our apps, the way we shop and see advertisements will all alter in a better and more interactive way. The Microsoft Hololens is a perfect example of this. 

What Does OCA Say To Virtual & Augmented Reality?
As a student, virtual and augumented reality is really something to get excited about! High quality entertainment is driving the push for learning to be about the learner rather than the actual subject. It’s the new way of education through intellectually stimulating features that are changing the way we do things, without deducting from the strength of the core learning content.

With virtual and augmented reality at our doorstep, it will be interesting to see what the impact is on the entertainment and the learning industry in the years to come. OCA is prepared and able to adapt readily to ensure that the ultimate learning experience is delivered to all our students!

Are you ready for the change?
Let us know some interesting augmented apps and experiences you've had already and check out our 3D Learning Experience below!

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