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Visualisation is both an art and a science, which has been around for centuries due to its links to ancient philosophy and faith.  Therapists and coaches utilise visualisation to support positive changes in their clients, primarily due to the brain’s malleability, which changes through relaxation and positive imagery.

Visualisation is key to achieving goals and creating success and has been used by movie stars, athletes and leaders to boost performance. Success, because of visualisation, is predominantly linked to the mind’s inability to differentiate between imaginary and reality. 

How Can You Use Visualisation to Help You Succeed?

With hard work, you deserve success. You have limitless potential, and you can harness your strengths to achieve what you put your mind to. The only thing you need to do is take action. A lot of people find it difficult to take action because they lack direction; they are going around in circles. So, the best way is to look for the bigger picture. Using a vision board can help. 

A vision board is simply a canvas with words and images that represent your goals. It’s such a fun activity because you can look through old magazines and take out the images and words that appeal to you. 

For example, if you’d love to work on your fitness, you can grab a fitness magazine and use the pictures of toned bodies to inspire you. If working on your studies and business is your aim, you can look at business magazines for your inspiration.

The vision board is simple. You can start collecting magazines or images over several weeks, buy some nice sparkly pens, and some sheets of A3 paper. Begin to explore the magazines, cutting out images that you connect with and gluing them to the A3 paper canvas. It’s important that the vision is congruent with who you are or who you aim to be. You can write down words that represent what you want to achieve, the places you'd like to go to, and the work you’d like to do. Jazz up your vision board and even frame it, placing it as a daily reminder of what you'd like to achieve. 

If you don’t want to buy magazines, you can make an online vision board on Canva for free or check out Pinterest. You’ll have a digital reminder of what you’re aiming for!

Happy vision boarding!

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