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Have you ever noticed that when the time comes to study, your energy levels can drop dramatically? Whether taking a social media marketing course or learning how to become an events manager, it’s important that you stay alert in order to commit anything to memory.

Why do we tend to sleep when we are studying?  

Well, it could be that the short courses you’re taking care of on a topic that doesn’t interest you or even that the information you’re trying to learn isn’t presented in an easily digested way. Either way, it’s something that can stop your progress before it gets started.

What should I do to avoid sleep for my studies? 

That’s what we look at here, as we provide some handy tips on how to fight off tiredness and ensure that you’re able to flourish in your studies. It’s a perennial problem for students around the world, but by using the following techniques, it shouldn’t be so much of an issue.

A Good Night’s Sleep is Crucial

Of course, there’s a myriad of reasons why you might be lethargic at study time, but overwhelmingly, it relates to fatigue and sleep deprivation. We all live busy lives these days, so tiredness is something we often just learn to live with. 

It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but it’s an aspect that people often forget, so do yourself a favour and get some quality sleep - around 8 hours is what we’re all said to require. You don’t need to take tafe courses in biology to know that this will help you no end.

Try Chewing Gum While You Study

Next, we look at the fact that achieving the role your career counselling guided you towards can be made easier simply by chewing gum. Weird, right? Well, perhaps not. That’s because the action of chewing makes you more alert and able to concentrate on the short courses you’re taking.

Science has shown that chewing boosts alertness by stimulating what’s known as the autonomic nervous system. It’s also said to promote blood flow to the brain, but for maximum effect, go for a peppermint flavour rather than the fruity kind, as it works better.

Power Naps Can Be Very Effective

Another way around the problem is to go to sleep! Although what we mean by that is you should have a ‘power nap’ that lasts no longer than 90 minutes. Again, according to science, this is the duration of a standard sleep cycle, meaning that you get some proper rest out of it. 

So, if you find yourself nodding off halfway through any short courses you’re taking, try retreating to a quiet area for an hour and a half. You might feel a little rough for a short while, but then you’ll feel the benefit of that extra bit of rest. 

Highly Stimulating Video-based Short Courses  From OCA

As is evident, there’s much you can do to achieve the necessary alertness for effective study. Something else that can completely change things is to engage in video-based courses from OCA. Our CPD-approved modular training is immersive and guaranteed to keep you interested - not something you can say about traditional text-based learning. 

To find out more, visit us at, where you’ll discover professional training that covers more than 20 different sectors, along with flexible payment options that make it accessible to everyone. What’s more, our short courses are put together with the assistance of top industry experts who know exactly what’s required to succeed.

Alternatively, to speak to us about your training needs directly, just give us a call on 1300 611 404 and we’ll do our very best to give you the help you require. 


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