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With Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and Australia Day all quickly approaching, the holiday season can be seen as a little bit stressful! The shopping centres are chaotic, kids are screaming, trolley fights emerge in the local Woolies and it can all be a bit too much for some people. So how do you enjoy the holidays in a way which has minimum stress? There are a few tips that can help you prepare for the holiday season so you can begin enjoying yourself from the very beginning.

Make A List .. (And Check It Twice)

The best way to get prepared for the holiday season is to start with a list or a calendar. Write down everything! By writing everything out you will have a visual representation of the things you need to do and organise. Some list ideas include:

Holiday Events

Once you've got these lists written, it's as simple as ticking things off when they're done. That way you'll be able to see what's left and you'll relax easier.

Organise Your Budget

The budget is usually where people start to stress. With the holiday season getting more and more expensive, a study by CBA last year showed that festive spending in Australia peaked to $17.8 billion in the weeks between 1 Dec 2014 and 6 Jan 2015! By having a budget, you'll be able to organise your finances in a way that won't leave you drowning in debt. Once you know how much you can afford to spend, you can stick to that budget and get through your shopping with ease. It'll make shopping a hundred times easier once you organise the financial side, so check your accounts and get shopping!

Do Your Shopping Earlier

Every year we say the same thing - "I'll start my shopping earlier", but it's a couple days before Christmas and people are still running around like headless chooks! By starting your festive shopping in the months of October and November, so much of that stress will float away. Shopping is one of the main parts in the festive holiday, so leaving it till the last minute will drive you crazy. When you see something on special and know you need it, just buy it. If you keep an eye out for all the specials a couple months before mid December, you could really save yourself a tonne of stress, aka those trolley fights in Woolies!

Price Comparison

By looking online and at different sellers, you could save money and time! Buying presents and groceries online will save you that busy trip to the shopping centre. Specials are everywhere so it may be worth your time to start early and get the cheapest price you can, either online or in store.

Have Fun and Take It Easy!

The most important part during the holiday season is to relax and have some fun! Don't let the stress of budgets, shopping and organisation take the fun out of it! Follow the tips so that the holiday season can be an enjoyable one where you spend time with your loved ones, eat great food and relax.

Happy holidays!


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