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How much does living as a student in Australia cost in 2023? Well, official figures put the cost at anywhere between $14k and $35k per year. This means that a part-time job is necessary for the average person in Australia to take university or TAFE* courses. Without thousands of dollars in the bank, it’s the only viable way to make ends meet. 

Is It Hard To Get A Part-Time Job In Australia?

Fortunately, the answer to that question is no, especially when you know where to look. If you have good communication skills and don’t mind rolling your sleeves up and working hard, plenty of opportunities are waiting for you out there. As such, there’s no reason why you can’t - with a bit of planning - find the work you need to support your TAFE* or uni study relatively easily. 

So, Let’s Look At How To Find A Part-Time Job In Australia

Ok, so there are a ton of ways you can look for part-time work in Australia, and we’ll start by looking at one of the most commonly used methods…

  • Social Media - while it might be great for sharing pictures and catching up on the latest fashion trends, it’s also a rather rich source of opportunities for part-time job seekers. If you have an idea about who you’d like to work for, check out their social media profiles. 

For instance, you could check out Costa on Facebook or Macdonalds on Instagram, where you’ll often find that they’ll announce recruiting drives and other opportunities. Online is the new frontier, so don’t miss out by forgetting to see what’s happening. 

  • Job Websites - when you’re looking for a full-time role in Australia, major recruitment websites like Careers By OCAIndeed and Seek to represent a great place to start. The same goes for part-time work, as hundreds of these jobs are advertised every day.

By uploading your CV and polishing your profile, recruiters can actively find people like you, increasing your chances of success. 

  • Uni Or TAFE* Job Fairs - companies in the local area that need a constant flow of part-time workers know that universities and college campuses are the places to advertise. That’s why you’ll often find job fairs being held on campus grounds, and they’re great for people who want to finance their personal development while they study. 

These fairs offer a foot in the door and the chance to speak to employers directly to register your interest. This route can prove fruitful, so be sure to attend.

  • Do It The Old-Fashioned Way - of course, the digital world offers many opportunities for recruitment online, but sometimes, the best option is to go looking the old-fashioned way by printing off a bunch of CVs and walking around town asking for work. It can be daunting, but it really works - you just have to be persistent! 

Remember, you only have to catch the right person at the right time once to find the opportunity you’re looking for, so you should stay positive - even if you’ve already had a bunch of Nos

You’ve also got word-of-mouth, the recruitment pages on company websites, your local online job board, the job centre, or even reaching out via your own personal network. As Mark Twain once said, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so do what feels natural to you. Ultimately, if you keep trying, you’ll get what you’re looking for sooner or later. 

Complement Your Uni Or TAFE Courses With Online Learning

Starting university or TAFE* courses can be daunting, but by engaging in online learning with OCA, you can build foundational knowledge that prepares you for further education. Also, being CPD-Endorsed, our training makes you more employable thanks to the ‘digital badges’ you get to put on your resume. Our courses give you skills and knowledge, as well as demonstrate your professionalism. 

Moreover, the courses we offer are delivered 100% online and are video-based, resulting in an altogether more immersive experience that traditional text-based learning just can’t match. In fact, our students tell us that we offer the most intuitive and focused online education Australia can muster. Don’t take our word for it, though; check out our Student Study Demo

If you want to know more about us and what we offer, visit us today at where you’ll find our full course library (that covers 20+ sectors), our flexible payment options and details about how every student gets the support of their own 1-to-1 mentor, who’s able to guide you to successful completion. 

Alternatively, to speak to our team directly about anything else, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected], and we’ll respond as soon as we possibly can. 

*What is a TAFE?

TAFE stands for “Technical and Further Education”. TAFE institutes are government-funded Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) that offer Vocational Education and Training relating to a specific industry or occupation. 

TAFE Alternatives 

There are other private (non-government funded RTOs) that offer accredited courses (just like TAFE). 

Although Online Courses Australia is NOT an RTO, OCA has formed partnerships with a small number of RTOs to offer RPL or CREDIT from selective Micro-Credentials towards RTO (accredited) courses.  Look out for Accelerated Learning Pathway on our website. 

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