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Are you fascinated by the unique bond between humans and horses, and keen to help others explore this relationship for personal growth? Becoming an equine therapist might be the perfect path for you. Equine therapy uses interactions with horses to promote emotional healing and self-discovery. An online horse care and equine psychology course can provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to start your journey as an equine therapist. With Online Courses Australia, you'll gain a flexible education that will help you understand horses and how to guide participants toward self-awareness. 

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What Does an Equine Therapist Do? 

An equine therapist facilitates activities that allow participants to learn about themselves through their interactions with horses. They create a safe, nurturing environment for individuals or groups to explore their feelings, behaviours, and relationships by observing and engaging with horses. They then guide participants through discussions to help them process emotions and develop healthier patterns.

Day in the Life of an Equine Therapist

  • Creating a structured program that aligns with participants' goals
  • Facilitating activities between participants and horses to encourage exploration and self-discovery
  • Observing participants' behaviour and interactions with horses
  • Guiding group discussions that help participants process emotions and identify patterns
  • Maintaining a safe, supportive environment for participants

Equine Therapist Skills

To thrive as an equine therapist, you'll need more than just a love for horses – the role demands a well-rounded set of soft skills and hard skills. 

Equine Therapist Soft Skills

  • Compassion and empathy
  • Patience and understanding
  • Strong communication
  • Observation and attention to detail
  • Problem-solving and adaptability

Equine Therapist Hard Skills

To be a successful equine therapist, an understanding of horse & animal behaviour is non-negotiable. That’s where a reputable equine course comes into play – teaching you the foundations of what you’ll learn in your future therapist studies. 

  • Horse Care and Behaviour: Learn about horse care and behaviour to maintain healthy horses and interpret their reactions during sessions.
  • Facilitation Techniques: Understand how to facilitate equine therapy sessions that encourage participants to reflect on their experiences.
  • Group Dynamics and Communication: Gain skills in managing group dynamics and creating open, supportive environments for discussion.
  • Emotional Awareness: Develop your ability to recognise emotional cues in participants, helping them navigate and process their feelings.
  • Safety Protocols: Learn essential safety protocols to ensure that sessions are conducted in a secure and supportive way.

How Much Can You Earn as an Equine Therapist?

According to Labour Market Insights, equine therapists in Australia can earn between $70,000 and $90,000 annually, depending on their experience and the type of clients they serve. Therapists specialising in corporate training or mental health programs may earn even more.

Equine Therapist Employment Outlook (2024) 

As the demand for experiential therapies increases, the need for equine therapists grows. Opportunities are available in rehabilitation centres, therapy organisations, and private practice.

How to Become a Equine Therapist in Australia

  • Online Courses: An online course with Online Courses Australia gives you a solid understanding of horse behaviour, care, and the principles behind therapeutic activities.
  • Micro-Credentials: Short, focused micro-credentials can teach you about animal care & animal welfare. Building these skills will help round out your services as an equine therapist. 
  • Gain Practical Experience: Find opportunities to volunteer or intern at therapy programs to observe professionals and learn hands-on skills.

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Start Your Online Horse Care Course Today 

Begin building the foundational skills you need to succeed as an equine therapist with an online horse care or equine psychology course. Learn about horse behaviour, facilitation, and more with Online Courses Australia.

A Curriculum that Prepares You for Success

Our comprehensive horse care courses cover a range of topics, ensuring you're ready to thrive in your training as an equine therapist. You’ll also gain access to industry experts who can offer you advice and insights into the equine therapy field in Australia as it stands today. 

Flexible Study for Your Schedule

Study at your own pace, whether part-time or full-time. Begin your journey to becoming an equine therapist today with Online Courses Australia.

Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course Info Pack Download

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