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Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course

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Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course Trustpilot Rating
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Are you passionate about entering the exciting world of equine care and psychology? If your heart beats for horses, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

"Highly Recommend! Course is Superb!
Easy to use and so informative! This is a fantastic course whether you’re interested in working for a vet, a rescue, or just learning more about animal care and welfare! The staff are amazingly helpful and supportive, which is superb for an online course as I also like a personal touch. There are actual people behind the app to help if needed, and they’re great! Highly recommend to anyone involved in learning more about animal welfare or interested in a career in this field! 5 stars all the way!

" - Rhonda Lepsch

Have you always wanted to secure a role within the Equine field? Perhaps you have always had a natural knack for caring for horses and their foals.

Whether you're looking to delve into equine behaviour for a deeper understanding of your equine companion, an experienced rider, working with livestock, residing on a station, or actively engaged in the equine industry, our Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course is tailor-made!

Developed in collaboration with esteemed animal experts, our 100% online course bundle boasts no prerequisites and offers flexible payment plan options.

3 Comprehensive Courses, 1 Affordable Price
Make the smart move.

You could spend a lot of money on course fees (and hours) studying in person at a traditional training institution. Alternatively, you could start your online learning journey and study at your own pace without entry requirements and dedicated one-on-one tutor support. This course includes all the topics from the following credentials:

Don't miss the chance to turn your horse passion into a fulfilling career or a deeper personal connection. Our Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course empowers you to grasp the essence of these majestic creatures while building a solid foundation for animal health. 

Enrol now to get instant lifetime access to our Course Bundle and start learning how to take care of horses immediately.


Do you want to get a taste of the value-packed content you'll enjoy in this Course Bundle? Here’s a sneak preview of the course overview.

Why students love learning with us
We don't use dense academic text books. Instead, we design digestible step-by-step modules and high-quality video sessions, backed by 24/7 tutorial support. The lessons are all taught on demand, and assessments are generally short answer or multiple-choice and can be re-taken as many times as needed. They’re perfect for people with busy lives and families who want to better themselves while unlocking better opportunities.
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Enrol at any time and study on your own terms. Assessments are designed to improve comprehension rather than test the recall of facts in a timed setting.
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Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a course completion acknowledgement and short form credential for: Horse Care & Equine Psychology Course.
Certificate of Achievement

Career Pathways

  • Stable Hand Worker/Trainee
  • Equine Groomer
  • Equine Therapist Assistant
  • Equine Writer or Blogger
  • Horse Trainer
  • Horse Riding Instructor
  • Equine Photographer/Videographer
  • Equine Event Coordinator
  • Veterinarian Assistant/Administration
  • Veterinarian Nurse *via our Pathway Program
  • Animal attendant
  • Animal welfare officer/caseworker
  • Animal carer/foster
  • Animal refuges and welfare organisations
  • Pet shop team member
  • Equine Breeder (within licensing)
  • Animal accommodation facilities (e.g. stables)
  • Horse trainer

Course Delivery + Learner Support

Delivered 100% online, no classroom required

Instant access (simply enrol online, anytime)

Assessments are short answer and multiple choice

Fast turnaround on marking (within 1 business day)

One on one mentor support

Live chat, 7 days a week

Course Topics

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Course Content Preview

Want to get a taste for the kind of value-packed content you'll enjoy in this Course Bundle? Here’s a sneak preview.

Introduction by Dr Kate Adams - Celebrity Mentor Series

Hear from Bondi Vet’s Dr Kate Adams as she shares her experience in the industry and an overview of what you’ll learn.

A Day in the Life of a Vet - Mentor Series

Learn about what it’s like to work closely with animals and the ethical considerations related to administering medications.

The Need for Wildlife Conservation - Instructor Series

Develop an in-depth understanding about why wildlife conservation has such an important focus in the animal welfare industry.

Be inspired with industry led-content dropping weekly

  • Welcome to the fascinating realm of equine psychology. In our online course, we'll unravel the mysteries of the equine mind and discover how understanding it can enrich the lives of both horses and humans. Join us on this enlightening journey into the hearts and minds of our equine companions. READ MORE
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  • Get ready to take your equestrian career to new heights. Our online horse care course is your ticket to mastering the art of horse care and thriving in the equestrian industry. Let's saddle up and ride toward a brighter future together. READ MORE

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