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Skin dryness is a problem that plagues many Aussie women and men, whether caused by the intense heat of summer or the biting wind of a cold snap. Around 40% of Australians suffer from dryness in wintertime, which can make applying makeup a challenge. 

The good news is there are some simple tips & tricks to help you deal with a client’s dry skin (which you can learn all about in OCA’s beauty courses online). But for now, here’s a quick guide for applying makeup to a client with dry skin. 

How Do You Prepare Dry Skin Before Applying Makeup?

So, a client has come to you expecting a flawless makeup look but oh no, you see they have super dry skin! What do you do to protect the client’s skin and give them the makeup result they’re expecting? Here’s a quick makeup masterclass on what to do.

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Step 1: Gentle Cleansing

Begin by washing the skin with a hydrating cleanser. This step is essential to remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria without further drying the skin. Make sure the skin is thoroughly cleansed before moving on.

Step 2: Moisturise

Next, hydrate the skin. Use a moisturiser with an anti-inflammatory formula to avoid irritation, especially important for dry skin. Allow the moisturiser to fully absorb into the skin before proceeding.

Step 3: Apply Primer

While some may skip this step, a good primer can be beneficial. It prepares the skin for makeup, creating an even base. Consider using a hydrating primer to enhance skin prep.

Step 4: Prep the Lips

Don’t overlook the lips. Exfoliate gently to remove dry skin, and use a lip scrub to moisturise. This ensures the lips are ready for lipstick application.

Step 5: Light Makeup Application

With dry skin, less is often more when it comes to makeup – a mistake many make-up artists make. Focus on the eyes, using a touch of bronzer or blush and waterproof mascara. This approach accentuates the eyes without overdoing makeup, which can exacerbate dry skin issues.

Step 6: Set with Spray

Finally, use a setting spray to prolong the makeup's life and maintain a fresh, natural glow. Choose a spray that suits the desired finish, whether it's shine or matte.

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What Happens to Makeup on Dry Skin?

Applying makeup on unprepared dry skin can cause flakiness, caking, or pilling. Proper skin prep is crucial to create a smooth base for makeup and ensure it stays put. 

With the right skincare routine, managing dry skin becomes easier, allowing for a flawless makeup application all year round.

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