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When holidaymakers go abroad, there are lots of things that travel professionals have to arrange, with flights, accommodation and more to be organised. As travel and tourism courses show us, another element that needs to be considered for a full service to be provided is travel insurance, as it provides some much-needed protection. 

But why is it so important? That’s what we examine here, as we look at the reasons behind the wisdom before we show you how flexible, video-based learning can give you the necessary knowledge and skills required to carve out a career in aviation travel and tourism. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s begin. 

Most Can’t Afford To Lose Their Holiday Investment 

Take any free online course on travel, and you’ll see that holidays can be expensive, with some costing thousands of dollars. If something were to go wrong before your holiday, like becoming ill - meaning you can’t go - and all that money is gone, as most travel companies don’t do refunds. Get the right travel insurance, though, and you’re protected against this eventuality.

Getting Ill Abroad Can Be Expensive 

A good tour and travel course will teach you that when medical emergencies occur abroad, it can be very expensive. For instance, if you slip and break your leg, you might need to pay upfront when reaching the hospital. However, that’s without travel insurance. With a good policy in place, you’re likely to be covered against any medical or dental emergencies while you’re away. 

Minor Issues Can Ruin Your Holiday 

It does pay to be prepared when travelling to another country, especially with insurance. That’s because issues that are out of your control, like cancelled flights, missing luggage or missed connections, can end up completely derailing your entire holiday. Travel insurance to protect you can transform these into mere bumps in the road. 

Holiday Insurance Is Cheaper Than You Might Think 

Travel and tourism courses  also cover the fact that travel insurance is affordable, especially when compared to the nightmare of facing trouble when away from home. The cover we’re talking about can be inexpensive and as little as $20-$30. Sure, it’s not free or mandatory, but you’ll be kicking yourself if something did happen and you didn’t have it in place.

Looking to Get Into the Travel Industry? Train With OCA!

So, as we can see, travel insurance is a really sensible thing for any traveller to have in place, and it’s just one of the many aspects you may need to know about as a travel professional. If you, yourself, are looking to get into the travel industry, it’s never been easier to train, thanks to our video-based aviation travel and tourism courses.

Like every course we offer at OCA, it’s CPD-approved, created with the help of top industry experts and comes with one on one tutor support. You can find out all about what we offer by visiting today at, where you’ll also discover a selection of instalment options to make your training even more affordable.

However, should you wish to discuss your needs with us directly, please call our education workers at 1300 611 404, and we’ll be happy to guide you to your ideal solution.

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Ignite Your Passion In The Travel & Tourism Industry!
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