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Meetings. Love 'em or hate them, they're a necessary and useful part of professional life. That said, some are more necessary and useful than others - evidenced by the fact that when surveyed, 70% of employees felt that meetings get in the way of their work. The daily morning meeting, however, has a very important purpose, as we examine here.

What Is The Purpose Of A Daily Team Meeting? 

Often referred to as a morning 'Standup' meeting, it's a chance to cover what everyone focuses on for that day in particular. Whether talking about online training  that all team members must complete or covering the previous day's performance, it allows everyone to provide their input and potentially identify challenges to success.

Why Are Daily Team Meetings Important? 

As the best online courses  on the subject show, team cohesion relies upon great communication, and the daily team meeting offers a great platform from which to achieve it. Ideally, every member of your team will participate in the daily meeting, rather than simply sitting back and listening.

What this does is ensure that everyone is aware of important information that’s relevant to their work that day, but that’s far from being the only benefit that comes out of this daily get-together.

  • Accountability - an element that’s greatly helped by daily meetings is accountability, as team members will typically be making commitments about what they’re going to achieve. If that target isn’t met, it’s not easy to come back and tell everyone about it. This instils urgency, as no one wants to be the one letting the rest of the team down.
  • Proper Focus - without a morning meeting at the start of the day, it’s more likely that staff will simply jump into the nearest task, rather than prioritising things properly. However, with one, a big-picture view can be provided to everyone, making delegation of work so much easier to organise, as all team members will have the main objectives front of mind.
  • Providing Recognition - as we’ve already mentioned, morning meetings highlight the previous day's performance and achievements. This offers a perfect opportunity to recognise and celebrate good work within the group, regardless of whether talking about a team member who’s successfully completed online study courses or hit their sales targets.
  • Identifying & Rectifying Issues - when problems arise, it’s often easier when everyone has input. Daily meetings offer a location for issues to be resolved communally, e.g. a team member might know some free courses online that offer information on how to overcome the challenge in question. The fact that the issue is raised publicly means it gets dealt with quickly! 
  • Foster Team Cohesion - a team that communicates on a regular basis is always going to be more cohesive than one that doesn’t. The morning meeting essentially mandates this communication, ensuring everyone contributes and interacts. It’s also great for getting rid of work cliques - the kind that often leads to a divided and fragmented workforce.

How you run your daily meetings is entirely up to you - and there are many models to choose from. The ideal one for your business will depend on the kind of business or franchise you run, but if you need help, there are some great free meeting-plan resources out there.

Become A Better Business Manager With OCA Online Training        

Running a successful business takes a lot of hard work and a great team behind you, with daily meetings representing an important part of the equation. The great news is that help is at hand if you want to boost your management skills, and it comes in the form of CPD-Endorsed online education courses from OCA, that are video-based and modular for easy digestion.

Short courses  like those found in our top-value HR Management Skills Bundle offer a next-level learning experience that’s a world away from boring, uninspiring text-based courses. To see for yourself, watch our Student Study Demo, which shows exactly how immersive they are, as well as the fact that every OCA course comes with 1-to-1 mentoring as standard, as well as 24/7 tutorial support.

To find out more about us and how we do things, visit us today at where you’ll see our full course library that covers over 20 different professional sectors. You’ll also find our flexible payment options that make our already cost-effective learning even more accessible and affordable. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us directly about your specific training needs or you have questions for us, simply call us on 1300 611 404 during normal working hours. We’re still available at other times via email at [email protected], and we always try to reply as quickly as possible.


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