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The beauty industry in Australia is huge. Currently worth around $8bn, the dynamic sector is growing all the time, meaning that there are endless career opportunities available. From working as a professional offering beauty therapy in a beauty salon to a freelance mobile makeup artist in TV and film, the list of possible roles is long and varied.

Traditionally, training to offer these kinds of beauty services was overwhelmingly conducted at an in-person beauty school. However, since the advent of beauty courses online, much has changed, as options like our Beauty, Leisure & Lifestyle Courses offer a range of benefits. The question is, which one is best? In order to answer that question, we now look at each separately.

The Pros & Cons of Traditional Beauty Schools

When comparing beauty courses online to traditional beauty schools, you have to look at the in-person learning experience and what it offers. Giving students hands-on training under the supervision of a beauty therapist trainer, you get direct interaction with peers and instructors.

When learning at traditional beauty schools, you’ll often be working towards TAFE courses that allow you to work as a professional in the industry, which include:

  • SHB30121 Certificate III in Beauty Services

  • SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Taking around 7-12 months to complete on campus, you get the theoretical and practical skills to both work for a salon and start your own business. More benefits of this route include:

  • Access to equipment and physical facilities, a.k.a. the tools of the trade

  • The ability to apply your newly-learned skills to real-life people

  • Opportunities for practical upselling/cross-selling practising

The cons? Well, unlike online learning, you have to attend in person each day, which takes time and costs money. The tuition fees are typically much more expensive due to the need to provide a venue, heating, lighting, and everything else required to run a beauty school.

Moreover, you’ll need to learn at the pace of the group, so it’s not ideally tailored to each full-time student and their unique learning needs. It is, in essence, a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Pros & Cons of Beauty Courses Online

Now we look at one of the on-trend beauty training study options - beauty courses online. The first and most obvious benefit is that online short courses are more convenient. There’s no need to commute to a training venue, meaning that you can kickstart your beauty career from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to convenience, beauty courses online are much cheaper as there’s no requirement for all the equipment and overheads a beauty school has to provide. Other advantages include:

  • The ability to work at your own pace, not that of the group

  • Access to 1-to-1 expert mentoring from an experienced pro

  • Modular courses are easy to fit around your existing obligations

  • Video-based modules offer a mentally stimulating experience

  • Training offers CPD points that make your CV shine

  • Industry-led content that is super-relevant & created by pros

In terms of downsides, the only obvious one is the lack of real-world work experience, but that can be overcome by enlisting the help of friends and family. With the promise of a free makeover or treatment, you might be surprised by how willing people are to help!

The Beauty Skills You Can Learn Via Beauty Courses Online

What you have to remember is beauty courses online don’t represent a watered-down version of in-person learning. As such, you can learn everything you can at a specialised beauty school - something that opens you up to a wide array of career opportunities. They include:

  • Makeup artists offering consultations

  • Spa treatments professional (massage, facials etc.)

Of course, an option we haven’t mentioned is the opportunity to run your own beauty business. Sure, there’s more work involved, and the pressure is greater, but the rewards are there. You have to be a certain type of person, but your earning potential can go through the roof!

Choosing the Right Training Option

Clearly, there are benefits to both in-person beauty school training and beauty courses online; however, if you like the sound of flexible learning you can take at your own pace - that doesn’t cost the earth - then the online option certainly has an appeal.

The tuition fees are a fraction of classroom-based options, and being delivered remotely via the Internet has no negative impact on the experience whatsoever. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but there’s a reason why so many people are seeing beauty courses online as the best option.

Let Your Beauty Career Soar With OCA Beauty Courses Online

If you want a rewarding beauty career, OCA beauty courses online give you everything you need to get there and thrive. Moreover, the next-level learning experience offered comes with the added advantage of lifetime access, so you can go back for a refresher whenever you want to.

To discover what it’s like to be an Online Courses Australia student, watch our Student Study Demo. Alternatively, to see our full library of courses that cover over 20 professional sectors, visit us today at, where you’ll also find a selection of flexible payment options.

To talk to us directly about your needs or enrolment in one of our beauty courses online, simply call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. As soon as we hear from you, we’ll do our level best to respond without delay.

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