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It’s likely not news to anyone reading this article that students are often cash-strapped as they work through their university or TAFE* courses. Well, it’s based on truth, as you’ll find many students struggling to make ends meet, which can make life more than a little tough. However, as you’ll find out by reading on, if you’re careful and measured with how you spend money, things can be more comfortable. 

Is Australia Expensive For Students?

The average cost for students in Australia ranges anywhere between $1,400 and $2,500, depending on location or standard of living. Even if you’ve got enough money put aside to cover things, you still need to be careful and think thriftily every time you need to spend. The good news is that there are a number of measures you can take to give yourself a little more breathing room. 

Where Can Students Save Money?

The first and perhaps easiest way to save money as a student is to keep the rowdy nights out down to a minimum, but beyond that, it requires you to think ahead - something that runs through every tip shown below. As such, let’s waste no time getting to those five money-saving tips! 

Student Tip #1 - Have A Budget & Stick To It!

It doesn’t pay to be imprecise when talking about your money, which is why having a budget worked out and written down is most often necessary. Fiscal responsibility isn’t usually covered by most students’ personal development plans, although it really should be. 

Write down what you have coming in and going out, and work out where everything gets spent. Then, if you have any disposable income, you’re going to know about it. You’ll also know if and when you need to tighten your belt and keep your money safe. 

Student Tip #2 - Use Money-Saving Apps 

Something that modern-day students get access to that many students before them didn’t is the wide range of money-saving smartphone apps that can now be downloaded for free. Options like Frollo and GoodBudget allow you to digitally keep track of all your expenditure, giving you complete control. 

These apps go beyond simply keeping track of what you spend, as they offer several different features to help you get by and save for the future. A really useful guide that you put in your pocket and take everywhere you go! 

Student Tip #3 - Use Supermarket Offers To Your Advantage 

Probably the biggest expense you’ll have when talking about uni and TAFE* courses is your food, and by counting the cents, you can save a lot of dollars! Supermarkets, in particular, will run daily offers like 3 For 2 or 50% off - but you do have to look for them. 

It’s not surprising that customers who don’t focus on the cents end up spending way more than they otherwise would. Be prepared to switch brands to the product on offer each time, and you’ll save an absolute packet over the year. 

Student Tip #4 - Head To The Supermarket Bakery In The Evening 

You can find a lot of great, filling products from your local supermarket bakery - and you can enjoy HUGE discounts later in the day. By visiting the supermarket in the evening, you’ll be there when they start marking things down - as these products just won’t keep until the next day. 

It’s not unusual to see bakery products marked down by as much as 75% towards the end of the day, which can lead to a big saving. 

Student Tip #5 - Apply For A Student Discount Card

Your status as a student taking TAFE* courses entitles you to a myriad of discounts from Australian retailers and more. Sadly, no universal student discount card applies to all shops, but you can obtain them individually from each one. Believe us when we tell you that businesses often have a student discount program - even if they don’t openly advertise it in their store. 

Student discount cards and services like UniDays, Student VIP and Student Edge have been created with people like you in mind, so make use of them! 

Prepare For Uni Or TAFE By Learning With Short Courses Online 

If you’re set to attend university or a TAFE* learning establishment in the future, OCA short courses online help you prepare fully for this educational step up. Our video-based CPD Endorsed courses help you to establish a foundation in the subject of your choice, as well as helping to supplement your learning on an ongoing basis throughout your professional career. 

Our courses are modular and delivered 100% online, meaning you can get to learn, wherever you are, at any time of day. You’ll also get a next-level learning experience that makes gaining new knowledge pleasurable. This is thanks to industry-led content created in collaboration with top industry experts. Want to know what it’s like being an OCA student? Check out our Student Study Demo

Visit our website to see our course library (that covers more than 20 industries) in full or to see details of 1-to-1 mentoring for EVERY student. There you’ll also see our flexible payment options that make our cost-effective learning even more accessible. Our students regularly tell us that we offer the best online courses Australia has to offer, and we hope that you will too. 

*What is a TAFE?

TAFE stands for “Technical and Further Education”. TAFE institutes are government-funded Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) that offer Vocational Education and Training relating to a specific industry or occupation. 

TAFE Alternatives 

There are other private (non-government funded RTOs) that offer accredited courses (just like TAFE). 

Although Online Courses Australia is NOT an RTO, OCA has formed partnerships with a small number of RTOs to offer RPL or CREDIT from selective Micro-Credentials towards RTO (accredited) courses.  Look out for Accelerated Learning Pathway on our website. 

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