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How do you know when it’s time for a career change? It could be subtle, but at the same time, you might be shouting inside that you need to look for new professional pastures. We aim to help you here if you’re not quite sure whether to make a jump to something else, with 5 signs you need to change jobs. 

How do I navigate a mid-life career change? 

Switching jobs is pretty much the same for everyone these days, regardless of age. As recruitment-based Tafe online courses teach us, age is now just a number. Of course, if you’re older, your personal circumstances may be more complex, but the principles of how to make the change remain the same.

How tough is it to get a job in Australia? 

Actually, there’s never been a better time to start looking for a new job in Australia, as Covid-19 has caused one of the biggest employee and skills shortages in history. So, no matter the path your career counselling has highlighted, your services should be in high demand.

How to Spot the Signs That You Need a Change

A successful career change starts with knowing when to make the switch and indeed, which career path to take. That said, the signs that this is the case might not be immediately apparent if you’ve not taken the time to think about it specifically.

When you do, here are 5 signs for you to consider…

Sign #1 - You’ve Lost Your Professional Confidence

When you begin doubting yourself and your ability to do your work, this should raise a big red flag that you need to pay attention to. Even if the rewards are there and the job offers good pay and lots of perks, if you don’t feel suited to it,  it’s going to impact your confidence. For the sake of your emotional well-being, it’s likely time to consider doing something else.

Sign #2 - Money Is Your Only Motivation 

If you’re finding that you have no interest in taking an online course to make you better at your job, with money representing your only motivating factor, you need a career change. Money is important, sure, but so is job satisfaction and most people are typically much happier when they do something that offers more than pay.

Sign #3 - You’re Constantly Dreaming of a Different Career 

Being focused on any job is an important part of doing it well. However, if you’re spending much of the day engaging in presenteeism (being at work in the body but not in mind) and thinking about how you’d like to be doing something else for a living, it represents a massive warning sign. Sometimes it pays to listen to what your heart is telling you and act on it.

Sign #4 - You’re Always Bored & Tired at Work 

Very few people enjoy their work all the time, as most of us have days when we’re lacking in enthusiasm and energy. However, if that’s happening every day, that’s another matter entirely. You might even find one particular regular task annoying, but when it’s everything you do, a change of scenery can really help to reshape your horizons and invigorate you.

Sign #5 - You Get Envious About Friends’ Careers

Our last career change warning flag is that green-eyed monster that is jealous. If you look at what your mates are up to in their careers and wish you could swap places with them, that should tell you a lot about your current situation and the need for a job change.

Realise Your Ambitions With a Video-Based Online Course

Once you’re sure that a career change is the right thing for you, you can get on with the job of training for a different industry or sector. The good news is that gaining new skills couldn’t be easier thanks to CPD-endorsed, video-based online course options from OCA that let you learn on your terms.

To find out more about the industry-led learning we offer, you should visit us today at where you’ll find training that covers more than 20 different professional sectors. From animal care to accounting, we have stimulating training to suit.

However, if you have any questions you’d like answered prior to enrolment in any of our short courses, give us a call on 1300 611 404 and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.


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