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If you're thinking of becoming one of Australia's next wave of special education teachers, we can tell you now that your skills will be in demand! Currently, 1 in 5 Australian schools say they don't have enough teachers trained to meet the requirements of special needs children. It's a shortage that must be addressed, and you could be one of the people handling it!

What Is The Greatest Challenge Of A Special Education Teacher? 

Teaching can be challenging on its own; however, it calls for additional skills and knowledge when children with special educational needs are present. Often, the biggest challenge for special education teachers  is communicating effectively, as well as adapting to change and dealing with challenging behaviour.

Teachers play such an essential role in the lives of children, offering knowledge and inspiration when it's done right. When helping children with special requirements, it takes a specific type of person to thrive in the job. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by that.

What Personality Do Special Education Teachers Have? 

Around 58% of special education teachers  work full-time in Australia, with the rest splitting their time between regular and special needs teaching. Courses like our Education Childcare Course show certain character traits that serve you well in the position.

Trait #1 Patience

If one character trait trumps them all for special ed teachers, it's patience, as you'll usually be teaching those who take a bit longer to get things done. Regardless of the work being done, you need to keep the atmosphere positive and happy, leaving little room for getting impatient and annoyed with slow progress.

Trait #2 - Organisation 

While organisational skills are vital for all teachers, it's crucial for special needs children. When a child's needs are being met away from the rest of the class, it's vital that progress is documented and an organised curriculum is provided. Hence the need for good, if not extraordinary organisational abilities.

Trait #3 - Acceptance 

Sometimes, special ed teachers may work with children who have to cope with various physical and familial challenges. It's so important that the teacher in question treats that child with complete acceptance and understanding. Any negativity or judgment on your part as a teacher won't help the child at all.

Trait #4 - Imagination 

Sometimes, special education teachers must think creatively to communicate and inspire their students. They may not be able to carry out basic tasks, particularly if they have a mental disability, so there's a requirement to think along unconventional lines when the moment arises. Imagination is critical in this regard.

Trait #5 - Calmness 

When children get frustrated with work they can't do, they can become overwhelmed and confused and lash out verbally. As an educator, you must remain calm and focused on positivity. When you lose that calm, you risk losing the bond you've created, leaving them feeling bad about you and themselves.

Your work teaching special needs children will effectively shape the rest of their lives, so there's no more worthwhile job for society. It's this meaning that draws many people into the industry. Check out the government website to learn more about special needs education in Australia.

Train For Special Needs Education With OCA Online Learning

If you're interested in becoming one of the special education teachers  who'll be training to meet the ongoing shortage in Australia, OCA's CPD-Endorsed short courses are the best way to learn. Delivered in easily-digestible video modules, you can get your learning in whenever you have a spare 10 minutes. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

What we provide is an entire world away from traditional text-based courses that do more bore the learner than inspire. You can get a closer look at the immersive experience our customers get by watching our Student Study Demo. In it, you'll see that every student receives 1-to-1 mentoring with an industry expert and 24/7 tutorial assistance, so you’ll never get stuck.

Teaching is just one of 20+ sectors covered by our course library - something you can see for yourself by visiting us today at While you’re there, why not take a moment to look at our flexible payment options that make our learning more accessible than you might think? Our plans allow you to spread the cost more manageably.

Alternatively, to chat with a member of our friendly expert team, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. As soon as we receive your inquiry, we’ll do our best to get back to you immediately.

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