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Are you after a career that'll allow you to grow in 2019? With employment rates having an increase of 19 800 in January, there are certain fields that are growing faster than others.

Whether you're looking to switch careers or just find more stability, here are a few paths that can take you on an exciting career journey.

Health Care

The health sector is constantly growing. Jobs like medical assistants and nurses are in high demand for 2016. Medical assistants are usually the first step to becoming a nurse. They do jobs like preparing medications and treatment rooms, collecting bloods and occasional admin duties.

There are two main types of nurses - the first one is a Registered Nurse, where employment is usually in a hospital setting. They are also more qualified and are given higher duties. A Licensed Practical Nurse is more basic, where they have less training and are not given as much responsibility as a registered nurses. The role is similar to a medical assistant.  Checkout our Aged Care Course here.


It's no denying that everything is online these days. Everything from personal brands to companies need an online presence, so jobs like software and web developers are constantly being hired to create the best websites and programs. With the constant need for programs to be updated, web development is a great career to explore. It allows you to fiddle in IT areas and work on programming skills. If you like all things technological, a career in IT development could be for you!


Jobs like financial advisors and analysts are also on the rise. If you like numbers and have skills in accounting, then a career in finance is your next step in 2016. Advisors and analysts work with a person's money. They evaluate and recommend what clients should do by offering their expertise and advice on their financial situation. Advisors and analysts are good thinkers and have very good communication skills. Their salary can range between $49 000 - $100 000.

Check out our Diploma of Business!


Just like web developers, engineers continue to gain popularity in the job market. Whether it's computer engineering or biomedical engineering, the demand for improving software and medicine is a high one. It's a career where you are always learning and trying to find ways to improve technology. If you like using your brain and love evaluating, testing and developing data, a career in this field could be well suited for you.


With a demand in the therapy sector, careers in the industry are continuing to rise. This covers fields such as physical therapy, marriage & family therapy as well as occupational therapy. The average wage for a career in therapy ranges from $56 000 - $60 000. It's a great industry for people who have skills in mental health and are able to communicate efficiently. 

Check out our range of online courses that can help you build up your skills for one of these career paths, and take our personality test to see what jobs suit you best!

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