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Are you a people person? Do you find it easy to get on with and work with others? If you’ve had career counselling and you’re still not quite sure which way to go, we’re here to tell you about 5 great careers that ‘people’ people should consider, before we show you how online training can help you get there. 

How important are soft skills in today's world? 

Extremely important. As tafe courses on career planning show us, soft skills are every bit as important as hard skills, as they have an impact on teamwork and cohesion. Sure, professionals need the technical expertise that their role demands, but they need to be backed by great interpersonal skills.

What career should a person with great social skills pursue? 

We’re glad you asked! That’s what we look at now, as we highlight 5 attractive careers that ambitious people-centric professionals should gear their personal development plan towards. So, if you’re ready for some career counselling inspiration, stay with us as we examine those roles. 

Role #1 - Business Manager

Our first career possibility is to become a business manager, whose work typically involves collaborating with all kinds of different people. You’ll liaise with others inside and outside of your organisation, using your interpersonal skills, ensuring all business processes run smoothly. 

Role #2 - Politician

Ok, so most people don’t get politics suggested to them during career counselling, but it is a highly rewarding and interesting sector to work in. You’ll also need great influencing, negotiating and leadership skills in order to climb your way up the political ladder.

Role #3 - Sales Exec/Rep/Consultant

Work in sales of any kind and you’ll find a high concentration of people with great social skills. Whether talking about being a sales rep, executive or consultant, your job is to frame the products or services you’re selling in a relatable way. This involves being able to understand and communicate with clientele.

Role #4 - Teaching & Education

As online training in teaching illustrates, education is a field that’s crying out for people with great communication skills. Tasked with stimulating, motivating and teaching your students, your ability to help others learn in an interesting way is key, both in an educational or workshop setting.

Role #5 - Event Planner

Another great job that your career counselling may point you towards as a people-focused person is event manager, which will test your mettle in many ways. Your job involves liaising with numerous people to ensure that your events go as planned, keeping your cool and communicating clearly.

Achieve Your Dream Job With OCA Online Training 

The great thing about having great interpersonal skills is that they’re translatable to most roles and can even be worked on. At OCA, we offer a convenient way to do just that with a  wide range of online training that can help you develop your professional skills at a pace that suits you. 

Video-based and CPD-approved, our courses are both mentally stimulating and easy to fit around your current obligations. To find out more, visit us today at, where you will see training covering 20+ industries and flexible payment options to spread the cost.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 611 404 and they’ll use their knowledge and expertise to find the ideal solution for your needs.  

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