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Are you after a career that'll allow you to grow in 2022? With employment rates having improved significantly in the first half of the year, there are undoubtedly many avenues that can be taken. However, some fields are growing quicker than others and are worth considering for a career change. 

Is changing career paths a good idea?  

That depends very much on you and your circumstances, but if you look at the statistics, it would appear that many who make a move end up happier. According to a Joblist Survey, out of 1,000 respondents who asked how they felt after a career change :

  • 77% said they were happier
  • 75% were more satisfied
  • 69% were more fulfilled
  • 65% were less stressed

So, whether you're looking to switch careers or just find more stability, here are a few paths that can take you on an exciting career journey. 

Industry #1 - Healthcare

The health sector is constantly growing. Jobs like medical assistants and nurses are in high demand. In fact, between now and 2025, the sector is expected to grow by another 20%, so it’s certainly worth considering as part of your personal development.

Nursing is one of the leading roles in the sector, with medical assistants usually representing the first step to becoming one. They do jobs like preparing medication and treatment rooms, collecting blood and occasional admin duties, and there are two main types:

  1. Registered Nurse: Employment is usually in a hospital setting. They are also more qualified and are given higher duties.
  2. Licensed Practical Nurse: This is an essential role, where they have less training and are not given as much responsibility as registered nurses. The role is similar to a medical assistant.  

For more information on the kind of work and training, you might encounter when pursuing this professional route, check out our Aged Care Courses here.

Industry #2 - Software Development

There’s no denying that everything is online these days - even online studying! There’s everything from marketers selling their wares to companies offering new and improved software services. As such, jobs like software and web developers are constantly being created by development companies across Australia. 

In terms of growth, it’s pretty staggering. Over 21,000 new jobs were created in the Australian software industry in 2021, which looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. 

As such, web development is a great career to explore. It allows you to fiddle in IT areas and work on your programming skills, so if you like all things technological, a career in IT development could be the career change  option you’re looking for. 

Industry #3 - Engineering 

As with web developers, engineers continue to gain popularity in the job market. The demand for improving software and medicine is high for computer engineering or biomedical engineering.

That's quite a jump!

It's also a career where you are always learning and trying to find ways to improve technology. If you like using your brain and love evaluating, testing and developing data, a career in this field could be well-suited for you.

Industry #4 - Finance

Jobs like financial advisors and analysts are also on the rise. If you have a head for numbers and have accounting skills, then a finance career is your next step in 2022. Strong growth is expected over the coming years, with a 46% increase in 2021 and the same 

Advisors and analysts work with a person's money. They evaluate and recommend what clients should do by offering their expertise and advice on their financial situation. Advisors and analysts are good thinkers and have very good communication skills. If you’re interested in this sector, check out our Business courses here. 

Industry #5 - Inbound Tour Operators

Now that the pandemic is thankfully consigned to history, there is a huge demand for holidaymakers wanting to visit the sunny shores of Australia. By taking tafe courses  to enter the inbound tour operator sector, you get to enjoy a sector that is expected to explode. The predictions for 2022-23 state that growth of 4,280% is on its way

The main role of an inbound tour operator is primarily to arrange travel deals, combining a variety of elements such as meals, tours, transport and accommodation.

Enjoy the Career Change You Deserve With Online Courses Australia Short Courses

As we can see, there are a number of exciting options open to anyone looking for new professional pastures. The good news is that getting the necessary skills to make that switch is easier than ever, thanks to CPD-Endorsed video-based short courses that can be taken at a pace that suits you. 

We offer a next-level learning experience, and it’s something you only need to look at our Student Study Demo to get a feel for. Also, coming with great support via 1-to-1 mentoring that’s available whenever you need it, our courses are increasingly popular with ambitious professionals across Australia. 

To learn more about this or see our entire range of courses covering 20+ industries, visit us today at Alternatively, you can get in touch if you have any questions you’d like to answer, which you can do either by calling 1300 611 404 or emailing us at [email protected]. Ready for your career change? Check out our job portal- Careers By OCA

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