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When taking beauty courses online with a view to becoming a fully-fledged professional, at some point, you’ll be looking at the discipline of eyelash curling. This practice can yield impressive looks for clients, but it’s something that requires skill and knowledge, as it’s certainly something that can go wrong!

How do you curl eyelashes permanently?  

Well, it’s not yet possible to do that as things stand, although you can ‘train’ them with your makeup kit  over time. The thing is, naturally-straight lashes will always try to return to their original shape, and you’ll need to use the curler every day to keep them looking nice and curved.

How to stop eyeliner from coming off when curling my eyelashes? 

This is one of many problems that people encounter when using eyelash curlers, but the good news is we’re now going to show you how to avoid the most common issues. Rubbing off eyeliner is something that can be avoided with a calm hand - and by reading the following tips. 

Eyelash curlers can look a bit dangerous when you’ve never used them, but don’t worry; they’re not. Plus, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Mistake #1 - Not Doing the Eyelash Curling First 

If there’s one thing that’s drummed into you when taking a makeup course, it’s that everything should be done in the right order. One major mistake some make when eyelash curling is failing to do the job before everything else, as you risk smudging your carefully-applied eyeliner. Doing it first also allows the eyes to be opened wider, giving you a better view of your client’s eye shape.       

  • Mistake #2 - Using Poor Quality Curlers     

Whether you’re conducting a makeup demo  or working directly with a client, the equipment you use really matters to the end result. It can be tempting to scrimp on certain items, but an eyelash curler is not one of them.

Cheaper brands often have a slippery grip, meaning you increase the risk of catching an eyelash and ripping it out. You don’t have to go crazy in terms of cost; just go for a quality brand.

  • Mistake #3 - Pressing Too Hard

Online studying shows us that you must be careful when using eyelash curlers, as it’s really easy to accidentally crimp or even pull out the lashes by pressing too hard. Here you need to be gentle, particularly as having a good eyelash curler will likely mean you won’t have to use too much force.

It’s not unheard of for a novice makeup artist to break off or pull out a person’s eyelashes, which will obviously impact your reputation when doing it for real. 

  • Mistake #4 - Holding the Eyelash Curlers Wrong

Another common mistake makeup artists make is holding their curlers incorrectly, which puts you at a disadvantage. Short courses  on eyelash curling show that they should be held by placing the index finger and thumb in the purpose-built grip holes.

From there, you need to open up the curlers nicely and wide - enough to allow the eyelash roots to fit between the metal upper and the rubber cushion. The trick is getting as close to the lashes' roots as possible without making contact with the skin. 

  • Mistake #5 - The Curler You’re Using is Dirty

Maintenance will feature heavily on your makeup course  for a reason, as it’s a good basic practice for a professional makeup artist to clean the tools of their trade regularly. Using a dirty eyelash curler is something that should be avoided at all costs, as it can seriously affect the outcome.

For example, crusty mascara on your curler can cause styles or damaged lashes, so make sure you ensure your tools are always clean and ready for use. It’s a basic necessity of the job.

Boost Your Skills With an Engaging OCA Video-Based Makeup Course 

Part of the skill of being a professional makeup artist is avoiding issues like this, and it’s tips like those we’ve shown you that you’ll pick up along the way. If you want to enjoy a rewarding career in the beauty industry, our CPD-endorsed video-based makeup course options represent the most engaging training you’ll find online. 

Created in collaboration with top industry experts, our short courses  are modular, allowing you to fit your learning around your day easily. To discover more about what we do, visit us today at, where you’ll see that our training covers more than 20 different industries and comes with one-to-one tutor support, 7 days a week.

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