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There's one makeup principle that applies whether you're talking about bridal makeup or getting ready for that big date - clean brushes are a must! It doesn’t matter how grand your makeup ideas  are if you don't have the right tools for the job, which is the case if your brushes aren’t as clean as they should be. So, knowing how to do it properly matters.

While it’s always nice to have clean tools whatever you’re doing, some factors exist with makeup applications that make it even more critical. As online training  in beauty shows, using dirty makeup brushes serves to spread bacteria and dirt around your face - which is obviously not a good place to start. To help matters, we now offer some insight into how to clean your brushes - like the professionals!

The Correct Cleaner Needs to Be Used

Believe it or not, when you take a makeup artist course online, one of the best makeup brush cleaning products is a regular household item - washing up liquid! When you use a gentle brand (like Fairy), it can cut through all the grease and natural oils found on dirty brushes. The fact that it cleans fast is excellent too, as spending too long cleaning them can lead to bristle damage.

You might think that professionals would use something specialised, but it would seem that there's nothing quite as effective at cleaning makeup brushes as dish soap!

What About The Way You Clean Your Brushes? 

Of course, the products you use are only part of the picture, as to how you actually clean your brushes is essential too. Thankfully, learning how to clean makeup brushes  isn't too difficult, as all that's required is to rinse them under some warm water with some dish soap in your palm. While you’re doing so, swirl the head and work the cleaner into the base of the brush.

You'll know when you've done the job correctly, as water squeezed out will be completely clear and not coloured by any product that’s still hiding inside.

How You Dry Your Brushes Is Just as Important

As you’ll learn on a makeup artist course online, the drying part of the brush cleaning process is just as important and involves more than just letting them dry on the sideboard. Any water that’s trapped between the ferrule and the bristles can result in mould and a breakdown of the glue that holds everything together and in place. 

Ask a pro and they’ll tell you that the best way to do it is to leave them hanging over the side of the sink for around ½ hour, with the bristles facing inwards. This means that excess moisture is allowed to escape down the sink, meaning you’ll end up with clean, dry odour-free brushes that keep their shape.

Learn to Be a Makeup Professional Online On Your Term 

This is just one small part of the type of knowledge you’ll need to be a successful makeup professional, but the good news is that the rest can be learnt at your own pace with a makeup artist course online  with OCA. Our industry-leading video-based training is designed to be engaging and easy to digest and it even counts towards your CPD points, making you more attractive to employers.

If you’d like to know more about courses like our popular Makeup Fundamentals or any of the training that covers more than 20 different industries, visits us today at There you’ll also find information about our easy payment options and the fact that our courses come with one-to-one mentoring and 24/7 live chat support.

However, should you wish to talk to us about your training requirements, just give us a call on 1300 611 404 today and we’ll give you the answers you need?

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