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The internet is a marvel of the modern age, and it’s something that’s had a major impact on the travel industry. People are able to arrange their own holiday deals at discounted prices, with a myriad of websites dedicated to it. This might make you think that professional travel agents would be something of a dying breed, meaning that taking a travel agent course would be a bit pointless.

However, this logic is wide of the mark, as those in the position still have a lot to offer the travel and tourism industry. In this blog, we look at the many benefits associated with using a travel agent for your holiday plans, in addition to showing you how online travel agent training courses can give you the knowledge and skills required to enjoy a long and successful career in the role.

Reason #1 - They Give You a Point of Contact In an Emergency

Things can go wrong for even the best laid holiday plans, with weather events, flight cancellations and double-bookings all eminently possible. If you’ve organised the trip by yourself, you’re likely to be on your own in trying to sort things out; however, if you’ve used a travel agent, they provide you with a meaningful point of contact who can get things sorted and fast!

Reason #2 - They Typically Have an In-depth Knowledge of Where You’re Going

In addition to the knowledge picked up on online travel agent course training, your average travel professional will often have an in-depth knowledge of the area you’re travelling to. This means they’re in a great position to guide you to the best attractions and experiences. They can also give you advice on local customs and things like obtaining medical assistance.

Reason #3 - They Usually Have Lots of Useful Industry Contacts

If you’re having trouble booking a room at your chosen hotel or getting a flight for a certain day, you might feel like giving up and trying somewhere else. However, if you are being assisted by a travel agent, they’ll have knowledge from the best travel agent course training, as well as lots of great industry contacts who might just be able to help you where others can’t.

 Reason #4 - They Can You Deals Not Advertised Publicly

Spend a little time online studying the travel industry, and you’ll soon find out that one of the perks of working in the sector is accessing deals that no one else can. So, before you go ahead and book that headline deal you found online, it’s definitely worth checking in with a travel agent to see if there’s anything they can do to beat it - which they often can.

Reason #5 - They Offer The Full Hands-Off Experience

Organising every aspect of your holiday can work out much cheaper, but it can be extremely stressful both before and during your break. This is the last thing you want when you’re trying to relax, which is another compelling reason to use a travel agent. Able to offer you the full ‘hands-off’ experience, travel professionals can provide you with the complete service that allows you to take a load off and unwind. 

Train Flexible & Affordably With an OCA Travel Agent Course!

So, as we can see, the demise of the role of the travel agent has been greatly exaggerated, as the service they provide is still very relevant and valuable to holiday-seeking customers. So, if you feel that it’s the career for you, training for the position has never been more flexible or affordable, thanks to our range of video-based.

All of the courses we offer at OCA are created in conjunction with industry experts and count towards the CPD points that make you more employable. They can even be paid for using one of a selection of flexible payment options - something you can find out more about by visiting us at

However, if you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team about your training needs, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Simply call us on 1300 611 404, and one of our advisors will be more than happy to direct you to your ideal training.

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