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If you’re keen to join the growing number of Australian makeup artist influencers on social media, then you’re not alone, as it’s a popular ambition for people to have. The job comes with many perks like work freedom, financial gain and recognition, so for those who make it, the rewards are apparent.

Sadly, for every Stefania Ferrario out there, there are 100 others who haven’t yet hit the heights. Many don’t achieve the success they crave, as they’re simply going about it the wrong way. We look at that in this blog as we cover some of the dos and don’ts of becoming a social media influencer.

What Is Social Media Marketing? 

As a social media marketing course  will teach you, influencer marketing is something that involves product placement, endorsements and reviews from trusted names in any given field. It’s a win-win for both the company and the influencer, as the company gets more sales, and the influencers earn money, too.

Why Are Brands Choosing Social Influencers To Promote Their Products?  

Well, businesses in all fields have realised that social media influencers offer an authentic voice to their followers - something they can’t do by themselves using normal advertising. Want another reason? It works. Companies just wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Makeup Artist Social Influencer Dos & Don’ts

There is a right and wrong way to establish yourself as a makeup artist  influencer, so here we help you by going over a few dos and don’ts. By adhering to the following tips, you give your makeup video  content the best possible chance of getting lots of views.

The Dos

  • Do…pick a specialism. As a newbie on social media, it’s important to identify the subjects you’re going to be known for, as beauty, in general, is too broad. This niche will help to guide the content you create for your followers so that you use your makeup kit for videos that are of interest. 
  • Do…engage in forums. As beauty courses online show us, knowing what your audience is talking about and interested in is extremely valuable to the makeup influencer. This kind of insight is worth its weight in gold, so be sure to visit sites like Quora and Reddit when you first start out and use their search function to find your niche.
  • .write guest posts for beauty websites. Another great way to get your name out there is to guest post on 3rd party beauty websites. Creating engaging blogs or makeup video content and posting them on these sites it will allow you to tap into their following, which can number in the hundreds of thousands! 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t…restrict yourself to a single platform. As a makeup artist influencer, you want your reach to be as broad as possible, so why limit yourself to TikTok or Facebook? Posting on all platforms would take too long, but there’s no reason why you can’t post on a couple of platforms. It takes time, but the rewards are obvious. 
  • Don’t…be overly negative about products or brands. While you might not like a product, mainly when you review it, what you shouldn’t do is slate it. Professionalism is key, so you can critique it, sure, but don’t bash it - just express a preference for something else rather than saying anything that will reflect poorly on you or the brand.
  • Don’t…over-specialise. You want to establish your niche, of course, but what you don’t want to do is specialise too much, or your risk being too niche. This unnecessarily restricts your topics that you're not going to get the kind of following you need to succeed. Creating your own niche is tough, so it’s best left alone. 

Add To Your Makeup Skills With OCA Short Courses Online  

Being a successful beauty influencer takes skill, personality and a little bit of luck, and by following the tips, you lay the foundations for success. What will also help you is adding to your makeup skills, which can be done affordably and conveniently with CPD-Endorsed beauty courses online  with OCA that can be completed on your terms.

Our video-based learning is put together with the help of top industry experts and comes with 1-to-1 mentor support 7 days a week. For more information about this or any courses we offer covering over 20 different industries, visit us today at

Our modular makeup course training provides a next-level learning experience that can be explained best by viewing our student study demo. Our student numbers are swelling all the time, and it’s all thanks to the immersive training and support we deliver.

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