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Many interpersonal skills need to be developed for someone to be a successful modern professional. However, did you know that one of the most important is optimism, and studies show that it can have a very real impact on how much money you earn as a professional? Well, it can, and that's precisely what we’ll be looking at here as we examine the subject more closely. 

How Do You Demonstrate Optimism At Work?

Showing optimism at work means bringing positivity into everything you do. This means trusting your colleagues and congratulating them on their excellent work. It also means greeting people with a smile in the morning and welcoming any changes designed to allow you to work smarter. It's about putting your negative side aside and focusing on the good - no matter what you do. 

Why Is Being Optimistic Important In Business?

As you'll find by taking one of our short courses online in business management, being optimistic means being in a state of mind that allows you to contribute in terms of problem-solving and teamwork. Why do optimists tend to earn more? Because optimism is a valuable commodity in the business world, meaning if you have it…you’re more likely to be valued by your employers. 

Particularly when discussing sales positions, having a generally positive outlook allows a person to brush off customer rejection and move on to the next sale unaffected. Conversely, pessimists will be more likely to carry that negative feeling with them for much longer, impacting their performance. 

This is just one example of many that exist. FACT: Optimism makes you more like to earn more AND get promoted more quickly. It actually goes back further than that, as studies show optimists are more likely to get hired in the first place

How Do I Train Myself To Be Optimistic?

Aside from focusing on it and trying to have it in your mind to be more optimistic, there are some steps you can take as part of your personal development to ensure it happens more often than not. These measures include…

  • Training yourself to believe that good things will come to you if you work hard
  • Take an online learning course with OCA to develop the skill and others
  • If something goes wrong, accept it’s happened and learn from it
  • Remind yourself it’s normal to have setbacks
  • Recognising positive things when they occur
  • Give yourself credit where credit is due

Seeing the good in things will not just make people see you as a go-getter and someone who doesn’t get flustered when the pressure’s on, but it also helps you remain calm when others can’t. It might feel good to moan, but consider the impact this will have on you and those close to you. 

Helpful Resources To Help Promote Optimism

The good news is that in the modern digital world, we live in, there are lots of resources out there to help you in your quest to achieve a more positive and optimistic mindset outside of work. Also focusing on calmness, health, and well-being, the following are apps that can be downloaded for free and used to great effect…

These apps (available for iOS and Android) sit on your phone and can be used 24/7 to coach yourself into a happier and more balanced way of thinking. When you realise it might just be the one thing holding you back, the importance of focusing on it becomes that much more obvious. 

Work On Your Personal Development With Online Learning

There are countless interpersonal skills that you need to be a successful professional in the modern sphere, and at OCA, we offer a stimulating and immersive way to work on yours. Video-based

CPD-Endorsed short courses online, like our Develop Your Interpersonal Skills course, let you learn at your own pace and fit your training easily around your current life obligations.

OCA students see ours as the most immersive and best online education Australia can offer. Why? Well, because it transcends what you'd usually get from traditional text-based learning. See for yourself by watching our Student Study Demo - ours is a joined-up learning service that provides one-to-one mentoring for every course in our library that covers 20+ industries.

To see our full course library or our flexible payment options that make our cost-effective learning even more accessible, visit us today at Alternatively, if you need to speak to us about anything else, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected], and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

That's it from us for this time. Why not check out some of our many other blogs on how to develop yourself as a modern professional?

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