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While you don’t necessarily need to take a social media marketing course to be a successful event manager, it will help ensure you’re visible in the marketplace. It’s also something that can hugely uplift how much work you have and your reputation. 

With ⅔ of the world’s population being regular users of social media platforms, it’s the place to be, no matter what type of business you’re in. Allowing you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills, industry authority, services and more, it’s a resource you can’t afford to ignore.

Which social media platform is best to promote your event? 

Marketing on social media is fantastic, as it allows event planners to interact directly with current and potential clients. Which is suitable for you as someone who’s completed their event planning courses  and is ready to start? Let’s dive in and see, shall we? 

Facebook - 1.62 Billion Daily Users

Your first option is Facebook, which is one of the most established and allows you to create a varied range of posts that feature text, videos and pictures. It’s great for long-form posts, as it has no character limit and can include a link to whatever you promote.

As online event planning courses  show us, posting high-quality images and videos of your past work can be crucial in gaining new business. Its messenger feature also makes communication easy, allowing potential customers to discover what they need quickly. For info on how to create a business profile on Facebook, click here.

Instagram - 500m Daily Users

Our next option is Instagram, another hugely popular platform with an impressive 500 million daily users. It’s of particular interest to anyone taking event planning short courses, as its image-heavy nature provides the ideal location to show off your work.

It’s another platform that provides plenty of space, offering up to 2,200 characters per post (around 500 words). This provides enough space for anything you want to say, and it’s super easy for viewers to share your content with others.

Whether posting images of your team, client reviews or high-colour images of your events, the results can be genuinely impactful. For information on how to create an Instagram business account, click here

LinkedIn - 310m Daily Users  

Another option that you can learn to use via free online courses  is LinkedIn, which is a lot like Facebook, but entirely business-oriented. As such, you won’t find any funny cat videos on the platform, but you may find opportunities for making great contacts and gaining work. 

As an event planner, it can represent a rich resource, as LinkedIn is simply brimming with business professionals looking for someone to put on their next company event. Sure, it might not be the first place someone looks for eventing planning expertise, but being present will raise awareness. 

To learn how to create a LinkedIn page, click here. 

Of course, new platforms are appearing all the time, so it pays to keep your ear to the ground when it comes to where your target audience hangs out. However, for event planners, the three above offer much visibility; for the most part, it’s free!

Realise Your Ambitions With OCA Event Planning Courses 

The role of an event planner is fast-paced and exciting, and learning the required skills is easier than you might think. You can learn quickly, and at your own pace, thanks to video-based CPD Endorsed OCA event planning courses like those found in our excellent value Event Planning Short Courses Bundle.

Coming with 1-to-1 mentoring and 24/7 tutorial support, our students get an enjoyable learning experience that transcends text-based courses. Take a look at our Student Study Demo to see what we mean! Alternatively, to see our entire course library, which covers 20+ industries, visit us online at

However, if it’s assistance, you’re after, no problem! Just call our friendly education team on 1300 611 404 or drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll be delighted to give you the answers you need. 

Study Social Media Marketing Online With OCA
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