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If you’re considering getting started on your primary school teaching career, a great place to start is by carrying the role of a teacher’s aide. It’s a very popular industry for many Australians not least because you get to spend your days supporting the growth of young minds, but do you know exactly what the job entails?

That’s precisely what you’ll find out more about by reading on, as we detail the main responsibilities you’ll have on a day-to-day basis. We’ll also cover how simple and affordable gaining the requisite knowledge and training is short, but let’s first dig in and see what awaits anyone looking to get into the profession.

Supporting Classroom Instruction

One of your primary responsibilities as a teacher’s aide is to support young children during each lesson. After the teacher starts a lesson, you’ll be asked to offer instruction and supervision in groups or individually. Also referred to as a teaching assistant, education support officer or teaching aide, all help to reinforce what’s being taught and ensure everyone understands.

Preparing Equipment & Materials

Another essential part of your role is to help the teacher prepare for their lessons. This might involve preparing art materials, setting up audio-visual equipment or getting worksheets printed out. As a teacher’s aide, you’re basically there to ensure the lesson goes smoothly from start to finish by making sure that everything’s where it needs to be at the right time. 

Carrying Out School Administrative Tasks

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of paperwork involved in primary teaching, which the teacher will sometimes need help with. This could be taking the form of recording grades, sending correspondence home to Mum and Dad or grading homework. It’s simple but very necessary work to ensure that every part of the learning process is documented for future reference. 

Supervising Your Students

Primary school kids will move about from classroom to classroom during the day, and as a teacher’s aide, you’ll be tasked with keeping an eye on them as they do. Also, when practical-based lessons are going on like physical education, art or music, you’ll need to be keeping a close eye on all the children in your care to ensure they’re all ok. The same goes for playtime, lunch and home time. 

Ready To Get Your Career Moving With A Flexible Online Teaching Course?

The role of the teacher’s aide is a very important one, as you’re there as the teacher’s right hand to ensure learning is offered in a cohesive and joined-up way. As a person, you’ll need to be organised, energetic and super-patient, as little ones can be a real handful. However, when you have the right training, it’s much easier, and with courses like our Teachers Aide Course Bundle, you get to learn when it’s right for you.

This is just one of the many CPD-approved online courses we offer at OCA that are video-based and delivered in bite-sized modules. This means that you only have to take a few minutes out here and a few more there to get the knowledge you need while meeting your current obligations. If you’d like to know more about the wide range of courses we offer, visit us online at

Alternatively, should you have any questions for us prior to enrolling, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Simply call us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll do our utmost to find you the perfect training solution for your needs. Enquire now about becoming a teachers aide.

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