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When Summer comes around and you find yourself sweltering in the heat, spare a thought for your pets who might be suffering even more than you. Animals like dogs are covered in fur and particularly at risk from the heat during times like these, so taking steps to preventing heatstroke in pets can literally be a life-saver for your furry friends.

Keeping pets cool in the hot weather is very much a question of forward planning and careful preparation. Here we take a look at a few tips that can do much to help avoid heatstroke in pets, so that they can stay happy and healthy when the sun comes out.

Tip #1 - Make Space in the Shade Available
While creating shade for yourself in the garden, don’t forget to make some space out of the sun for your pets. A few minutes out in the sun can be pleasant, but direct sunlight is the primary cause for heatstroke in pets, so having a shaded space for them to retreat to is vital.

Tip #2 - Make Water Freely Available
Another great way of keeping pets cool is by making cool, fresh water freely available to them when they need it. Pets like dogs are only able to sweat through the un-furred parts of their body, so keeping them well-hydrated helps them to avoid overheating.

Tip #3 - Plan Your Walks for The Cooler Hours
When talking about canines, you should be waiting until the mid-day sun to subside before heading out for walkies. Taking them for their walks in the morning or later in the evening is a great, natural and effective way of keeping pets cool and it will mean your dog has a much more pleasant time.

Tip #4 - Keep Your Pet’s Fur Well Groomed
Another step you can take to avoid heatstroke in pets is to keep their fur well-groomed and free of knots. That’s because matting in pet fur can trap heat unnecessarily, further contributing to overheating.

Tip #5 - Never Leave a Pet in a Hot Car
It’s well known that leaving any kind of pet in a hot car can be fatal, however, that doesn’t stop hundreds of dogs left in cars from dying from heatstroke each year. So, as a reminder, our last tip is to say that you should never, ever leave your pet in a hot car.

Of course, there are many other ways you can help your dogs, cats or even your rabbits to stay cool and happy during hot weather. Employ the tips we’ve mentioned and you’ll have no trouble keeping pets cool in your household.

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