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When you’re looking for a pet of your own, you’re presented with the choice of whether to go to an animal shelter to adopt or go to a breeder or pet store to buy one. Whilst the pet shop or breeder options allow you to specify exactly what breed of pet you want, adopting a pet comes with an array of advantages.

It’s important to know the benefits of adopting a pet, as animal rescue centres are literally crying out for forever homes for pets in their care. Here we look at just some of the reasons why adopting is a much better choice than buying.

Reason #1 - It’s Much Cheaper
When you go to a breeder to buy a pet, it can easily cost you anywhere from $500 to over $1,000, whereas adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue centre will set you back a much more reasonable $50-$250. You’ll also most probably find that when adopting from shelter that all of your pets shots are up to date, which is something that often comes as an extra expense when going through a pet shop or breeder.

Reason #2 - Mixed Breed vs Pedigree
Another reason why adopting a pet is a better idea than buying is that you’re more likely to get a mixed breed pet than a purebred pedigree. While pedigree animals might seem more attractive at first, mixed breed animals are known to live longer lives and cost less in terms of vets bills.

Many animals that you find with breeders have been selectively bred and as a result, they have an increased likelihood of developing health problems later in life.  

Reason #3 - A Clearer Health Picture
When buying animals from pet stores or breeders, you’ll often only have a small amount of information about their overall health. You won’t get much support in pet care either, whereas when adopting a pet from a rescue group, you’ll be given a complete rundown of their health and support in their care. Animal rescue centres are invested in the pet you’re taking on, so they’ll do everything they can to help you create a forever home for your adopted pet.

Reason #4 - You Can Choose the Age of Your Pet
Breeders and pet shops will generally only be selling juvenile animals, meaning that you’re restricted to puppies, kittens etc. However, this might not be suitable to you and your lifestyle. Adopting a pet from an animal group allows you to choose the age of the pet you’re getting, which is ideal for those who want an adult pet that’s already house-trained. As fluffy and cute as puppies and kittens are, they can be quite a handful! 

Reason #5 - You’re Actually Saving a Life
When adopting a pet, you’re quite literally saving an animal’s life. By providing a forever home for rescue animals, you’re eliminating the chances of that animal being put down, whereas buying a pet does something very different.

When you choose to buy a pet, you actually end up supporting an industry that focuses on profit as opposed to animal welfare. They produce litter after litter as quickly as they can, discarding animals that don’t meet their exacting standards. Puppy mills are something of a modern-day tragedy and adopting a pet works directly against that.

Adoption is the Responsible Option
Whichever way you look at it, adopting a pet is the only responsible option, as it supports ethical methods of pet care and centres its attention on animal care instead of financial profit. Not only that, but adopting an animal gives it another chance at happiness and you know that the pet you receive will be in good health and vaccinated. When faced with the choice of adoption versus the purchase of a pet, the answer is a very clear one.

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