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Enjoy helping others? Like the sound of a rewarding career where you get paid to do just that? If you answered yes to both questions, it’s likely that a role in community services work is your ideal occupation. By taking community services courses, it’s one that’s very much open to you. 

Online learning is the modern paradigm that makes accessing your dream career so much easier, so even if you’re undecided on whether it’s right for your needs, you should keep reading as we look at just some of the compelling reasons to join the sector.

Helping People Who Can’t Help Themselves

When you’re working in the community, you’ll have a very varied routine, and one of your primary responsibilities is to advocate on behalf of the people you’re looking after. As community services courses teach you, you’ll be liaising with all kinds of departments helping to ensure that health and wellbeing are supported - so the help you provide is often very appreciated.

A Lot of Different Career Paths Available 

After you’ve gotten your foot in the door in the community services field with online learning, you get access to a wide range of areas for diversification. You could be a general community services worker, sure, but should you wish, and you could go into child protection, aged care, disability services, family services, schools or whatever you feel most suited to. While some jobs might pigeonhole you, community work certainly does not.

Lots of Opportunities to Progress

As a professional, you need to know that there’s room to grow and spread your wings, and the community service field provides ample opportunities to do so. With qualifications gained in community services courses, you can choose to move into program coordination, casework, management or project coordination, to name but a few. If you’ve got the will, there are plenty of ways to move up.

It's a Fast-Growing Sector

As is the case in many countries, Australia’s healthcare sector is growing fast, with community services departments growing in line with this. This means that your skill set will always be in high demand, and you’re not likely to be working too hard to find employment. With fast progression and many opportunities to specialise, you can go as far as you want.

Kickstart Your Career With Online Learning From OCA

As we can see, community services represent a much-needed public resource that helps millions of people right the way across Australia. Moreover, the community services courses available at OCA - like our Working Effectively in The Community Sector course make getting into the industry more accessible.

This, like all of our video-based online training options, is CPD-approved (making you even more employable), comes with one-on-one tutor support and was created in collaboration with experts in the industry. So, if you'd like to know more about anything discussed here, just visit us today at where you’ll also see a range of flexible payment options.

However, should you need assistance or simply want to talk through your career change, call us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll show you just how simple professional learning can be!

Entry-Level Aged Care Online Courses Available


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Entry-Level Aged Care Online Courses Available
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